Penticton Casino Donates Donations to Youth Center

Cascade Casino in Penticton, British Columbia, has decided to step up its contributions to the local OSNS Center for Children and Youth Development. 파친코 This April, the casino will receive batons from Wildstone Construction last month, reflecting donations of up to C$3,000, matching all group donations of up to C$2,500.

The Penticton gaming facility, operated by Gateway Casis & Entertainment, is located at V2A 8S3, Penticton BC, V2A 201-553 Ves Dr. It offers numerous gambling options because the game floor runs slots, table games, and poker while also regularly offering fun promotions. It also has the operator’s trademark Match Eatery & Public House, the Buffet, etc.

During the month of April 2023, Cascade Casino Penticton will acquire from Wildstone Construction and match its contributions to an ONSS center worth up to CA$2,500. In addition, the casino donated toys for children with developmental disabilities. To launch the campaign, the property presented representatives of the organization with a check of 2,500 Canadian dollars.

Megan Windler, head of community engagement at OSNS, noted that children can learn developmental skills through play-based activities. She explained that the organization’s toys are loved and used well, and the casino’s new toy contribution will have a tremendous impact on the children the center works for. The OSNS Center is located at 103-550 Cammy Avenue, Penticton.

In addition to donations and toys, Cascade Casino said it will also help clean up around its headquarters. The center is visited by more than 1,600 children from across the South Okanagan region and has access to physical therapy, occupational therapy, psychology, speech therapy and autism intervention services.

Cascade Casino general manager Shane Squires said the facility is proud of having a long-term relationship with the center. He explained that their service is very important to local families. That is why casinos believe it is important to show responsibility and return it to the center, thus supporting the most important causes for their neighbors.

It is not uncommon for casino property in BC to care for communities and contribute to their activities. For example, Rimrock Casino in Port Albany used forgotten change and slips in the summer of 2022 as donations to local charities. The money was split at Abbeyfield House, Salvation Army and Kiwanis Hilton Children’s Center.

Gateway Casino & Entertainment is also no stranger to showing and contributing support to the local organizations and communities it operates. One example is a donation to Victoria Hospital in London, Ontario, in December 2022. Funds will be allocated to expand creative art-based treatments in child and adolescent mental health care programs.

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