Defeat Chen Yue-fei And Clash With The Marines

Ahn Se-young 21, Samsung Life Insurance aimed for the first gold medal in singles at the World Badminton Championships in Korean badminton history. 토토 Ahn Se-young, the world’s No. 1 player, defeated Chen Yu-fei of China, the world’s third-largest and rival, 2-0 21-19 21-15 in the women’s singles semifinals at the 2023 World Badminton Championships at Royal Arena in Copenhagen, Denmark, on the 27th.

As a result, Ahn Se-young reached the women’s singles final at the World Championships for the first time in 30 years since Bang Soo-. Bang Soo-hyun lost to Susanti Indonesia at the time and finished second. Including the men’s singles, he advanced to the finals for the first time in 28 years since Park Sang-woo, who won a silver medal in 1995.

South Korean badminton has no experience of winning gold medals in men’s and women’s singles at the world championships. He won five gold medals in the mixed doubles, four gold medals in the men’s doubles and one gold medal in the women’s doubles.

Ahn Se-young also made it to the finals in 12 of the 13 tournaments she participated in this year, including the Sudhirman Cup and the Asian Individual Championship. The only time Ahn Se-young failed to advance to the finals was the Indonesian Open in June. Ahn Se-young, who has already won seven gold medals, including winning the All-British Open in March, will try for her eighth gold medal.

The final opponent is Carolina Marin of Spain, who ranked first in the world in the mid-2010s. Marine, ranked sixth in the world, beat Akane Yamaguchi 23-21 21-13, who fell to second place behind An Se-young in the semifinals.

Ahn Se-young won her sixth win 10 losses against Chun Yu-fei. This year, it is 5 wins and 2 losses, followed by 2 consecutive wins following the semifinals of the Korea Open last month.

Ahn Se-young beat Chen Yue-fei 2-1 at the Korea Open, and Chen Yue-fei beat him 2-0 most of the time, but he also complained that he wanted to win 2-0 saying he beat Chen Yue-fei 2-1. However, Ahn Se-young won the victory without giving up a game to Chen Yu-fei.

Ahn Se-young led 5-1 with repeated sharp attacks that stabbed the corner of the court early in the first game. Chen Yue-fei, who uses a powerful jump smash, was also not easy. Ahn Se-young, who was chased by 9-7, scored four consecutive points and ran away to 13-7, but gave up five consecutive points to Chen Yu-fei’s back, allowing a 16-16 tie. Ahn Se-young, who took a breather after running to 19-16 due to the success of the hairpin at the moment of crisis, Chen Yu-fei’s error, and smash, was chased to 20-19, but won the drive battle and caught one game.

In the second game, Ahn Se-young was dragged to the end and played a close game. But the success of the challenge turned the tide. When the diagonal attack was declared out in the 12-14 situation, he applied for a challenge and reversed his judgment. Ahn Se-young tied the game 15-15 with Chen Yu-fei’s error, and starting with this, she scored seven points to tie the game. Chun Yu-fei collapsed on his own after a series of last-minute mistakes.

Seo Seung-jae Samsung Life and Chae Yoo-jung Incheon International Airport), ranked fifth in the mixed doubles, defeated second-place Yuta Watanabe and Higashino Arisa Japan 2-0 21-15 21-13 in the semifinals to reach the final. Seo Seung-jae and Chae Yoo-jung will challenge for the sixth gold medal in 20 years since Kim Dong-moon and Ra Kyung-min won the mixed doubles at the World Championships in 2003. Seo Seung-jae and Chae Yoo-jung will compete with world No. 1 Jung Tsu-wei and Hwang Ya-chung China.

Seo Seung-jae and Chae Yoo-jung, who have reached the finals three times this year alone, have yet to have a gold medal since winning the Australian Open in November last year. He reached the finals at the Thai Masters in February and the British Open in March, but both finished second. In particular, they lost 1-2 to Jung Tsu-wei and Hwang Ya-chung at the opening of the U.K.

In the men’s doubles, Seo Seung-jae teamed up with Kang Min-hyuk Samsung Life to beat the world’s fourth-ranked Aaron Chi-Souyuk Malaysia 2-0 23-21 21-13 to reach the final. World No. 6 Seo Seung-jae and Kang Min-hyuk advanced to the finals of the event for the first time in nine years as a Korean player since Ko Sung-hyun, Shin Baek-chul, Yoo Yeon-sung and Lee Yong-dae shared men’s doubles gold and silver medals in 2014.

Kim So-young Incheon International Airport and Gong Hee-yong Jeonbuk Bank, ranked third in the women’s doubles, failed to advance to the final by losing 0-2 9-21 20-22 to Afriyani Rahayu-City Padia Silva Ramadanti Indonesia, ranked 12th, in the semifinals. He failed to win three consecutive tournaments and confirmed the bronze medal in this tournament. Rahayu-Ramadanti was strong against South Korea in the tournament, beating world No. 2 Baek Ha-na MG Saemaul Geumgo and Lee So-hee Incheon International Airport in the round of 16.

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