Its Kerr Beats Ing Ebriktsen to Take First Place in the Men’s 1,500m

Kerr beats Ing Ebriktsen to take first place in the men’s 1,500m…

Biggest surprise at the world championships

Barholm returns to the top of the men’s 400m hurdles four years after thigh injury

Moon and Kennedy joint gold in women’s pole vault

Josh Kerr

Josh Kerr (25, England) said, “I hardly looked at my cell phone for the last two weeks to focus on the World Championships in Athletics.”

I didn’t turn off the phone at all. 카지노사이트

Kerr, who is from Scotland, checked the results of professional soccer in Scotland and England and opened an application for learning Spanish.

The last ‘private phone call’ was with Jake Wightman (29, England),

who won the men’s 1,500m world championship in Eugene last year by making the biggest surprise in the event.

In this call, Wightman taught Kerr the ‘1,500m winning strategy’.

World Championships

In the men’s 1,500m final at the 2023 Budapest World Championships held at the National Stadium in Budapest, Hungary on the 24th (Korean time),

Kerr recorded 3:29:38, beating Jacob Ingebricksen (22, Norway) in 3:29:65. Crossed the finish line first.

The World Association of Athletics Federations evaluated it as “the biggest surprise at the World Championships in Budapest.”

Ing Ebriktsen

Ing Ebriktsen, who was pointed out by almost everyone as a ‘clear candidate for the championship’,

took second place for the second time in a row following last year’s Eugene competition.

Ing Ebriktsen, who won the Tokyo Olympics held in 2021,

was considered a strong candidate for the championship at last year’s Eugene Games,

but was beaten by Wightman.

He was evaluated as a ‘more certain favorite to win’ this year,

but this time he gave up first place to the British player.

Kerr followed a strategy similar to Wightman’s.


In the final, Ingebriktsen took the lead from the 500m mark.

In the last curve before the finish 250m, he also scored an advantageous ‘in course’.

Kerr chose an out course, overtook Ingebriktsen before the finish line 200m,

increased his speed to take first place.

Last year, Wightman also came from behind to win the final 300m.

After the Match

After the match, Kerr said in an interview with the World Association of Athletics Federations and the Associated Press,

“Ing Ebriktsen has a lot of things to do (such as competing in the 5,000m) and a lot to do.

I bet everything on the 1,500m.

” No athlete would have aspired to, and today I am the 1,500 m world champion.”

Kerr, who won bronze at the Olympics in Tokyo but finished fifth at last year’s World Championships in Eugene,

won his first major gold medal in Budapest.

“The British 1,500m has won the world again,” said Kerr.

After winning the silver medal at the World Championships twice in a row in the 1,500m,

Ingebriktsen will challenge for a second consecutive title in the 5,000m.

Karsten Barholm

Karsten Barholm (27, Norway) regained the title of ‘men’s 400m hurdles champion’ after 4 years.

Barhommum won the final in 46.89.

Barholm, who won two consecutive World Championships in London in 2017 and Doha in 2019,

won the Tokyo Olympics by setting a new world record of 45.94 seconds,

was only seventh in the Eugene World Championships in 2022 due to a thigh injury.

Shaking off his injury and regaining his place as number one,

Barholm also reached the top this year at the World Championships.

Barholm said, “The gold medal at the World Championships is back where it belongs,” and added,

“This gold medal is even more special because I didn’t win a medal in Eugene last year.

I learned a lot in the process of getting injured and overcoming it.

I became a better player. “he said.

Kieran McMaster (25) came second with a time of 47.34 seconds,

World Athletics Championships

giving the British Virgin Islands their first ever medal at the World Athletics Championships.

In the women’s 400m, Marilady Paulino (26, Dominican Republic) won with 48.76 seconds.

Paulino, who was second after Schone Miller-Weebo (29, Bahamas) at the 2021 Tokyo Olympics and the 2022 Eugene World Championships, finally reached the top of the major tournaments.

This is the first time a Dominican Republic athlete has won the women’s 400m at the World Championships.

Miller-Weebo, who gave birth in April of this year, competed in this event, but was eliminated from the preliminary round because she had not yet been able to revive her skills.

Katie Moon & Nina Kennedy

In the women’s pole vault, Katie Moon (32, USA) and Nina Kennedy (26, Australia) tied for first place.

Moon and Kennedy both surpassed 4m90 in the 3rd time, and the number of failures of the previous record was the same.

Moon and Kennedy, who both failed in the 4m95, discussed for a while, and chose a ‘joint gold medal’ rather than an overtime jump-off.

Although she has tied for 2nd and 3rd at the World Championships in Athletics, this is the first women’s pole vault to finish in a tie for 1st in all events.

Moon won her second consecutive event, and Kennedy, who finished third in Eugene last year, took home her first world championship gold medal.

“We put up a great showdown, and I think we both deserved the gold medal,” Moon said.

“She thought she could win a medal, but she didn’t expect it to be gold,” Kennedy said.

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