Scherzer’s Season-Out Day is a Bolt Out of The Blue, But He Can’t Trade in Texas

On the 14th, local media, including MLB , reported Scherzer’s season-out news at once. He can’t throw anymore in the remaining regular season due to a right large perspective sprain. Even if Texas goes up to the fall baseball league, chances are slim.

Scherzer, a three-time Cy Young pitcher with a career record of 214 wins in 16 major league seasons, faced Ryu Hyun-jin as a starter in the game against Toronto at Rogers Center in Toronto the previous day 13th. 스포츠토토 He won against Ryu Hyun-jin five hits, one strikeout, one walk, and three runs in six innings who lost the game by winning with three hits, one walk, and one strikeout.

The command was brilliant, using up to 96.1 miles 154.7 kilometers, 94.3 miles 151.8 kilometers of four-seam fastballs, changeups, curves, sliders, and cutters. He gained momentum by pitching 72 balls without losing a point until one out in the sixth inning, but he threw anxiety as he was substituted due to a sudden injury.

After throwing the first pitch to Bobisset in the sixth inning, Texas coach Bruce Bochy and trainer came up to the mound to check his physical condition. Scherzer, who pitched a few practice pitches, soon shook his head and went down the mound, and it turned out that he had triceps cramps. The news of the season-out was then announced a day later due to a sprain in the great circle.

On July 30, Texas traded shortstop prospect Luis Angel Acuña to the New York Mets to receive Scherzer. As the younger brother of Ronald Acuña Jr. Atlanta Braves, a leading candidate for the National League MVP, he gave up on promising players and brought Scherzer, a three-time Cy Young Award winner, to challenge for the championship. Founded in 1961, Texas is the oldest of six teams that have yet to win the World Series.

Scherzer, who had not been in normal condition due to shoulder, back and neck injuries since the beginning of this season, fell short of expectations with 9 wins, 4 losses, and a 4.01 ERA in 19 games 107⅔ innings before the trade. However, after moving to Texas, he rebounded with four wins, two losses and a 3.20 ERA in eight games 45 innings, raising expectations for autumn baseball. Scherzer is also a big game pitcher who led the Washington Nationals to their first championship in 2019.

However, as he was out of the season due to this injury, Texas’ dream of winning is also about to fly away. It’s definitely bad news, Young said. It’s a shame this happened to Scherzer. He said, I was pitching well until I was injured, and expressed despair, Our team lost five of the six All-Stars in the second half and even lost a pitcher to enter the Future Hall of Fame.

Texas won 10-0 against Toronto on the 14th, and is ranked second in the American League West with 81 wins and 64 losses with five consecutive wins. He ran first in the district until August, raising his chances of winning, but he was caught up by the Houston Astros and Seattle Mariners and is fighting a wild card fight. In this situation, Scherzer’s season-out is painful, but it cannot be overstretched considering Scherzer, who has $43.33 million in annual salary next year.

Scherzer also said, I’m relieved that the injury is not serious. You don’t have to do surgery. I talked to the doctors, and I expect them to recover completely. There are many injured players, but we are still in a good position to advance to the playoffs, Young said. I believe our pitchers will be responsible for the inning, he said, expecting several pitchers, including Andrew Heaney, Martin Perez and Cody Bradford, to fill the Scherzer gap.

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