Alberta will Receive The Biggest Prize Money of 70 Million Canadian Dollars

Canada’s state lotteries have finally announced that after weeks of accumulation, the winner of the mega Lotto Max has been charged. 파친코 On Friday, October 21, 2022, Lotto Max hosted the game’s second-biggest draw, with life-changing prizes worth CA$70 million awarded to Alberta ticket holders. Players also won many of the Max Million prizes available.

Lotto Max is one of the most preferred lottery options across Canada due to its large dividends and two weekly draws. The winning numbers for this game will be drawn on Tuesday and Friday. As a recent draw shows, its winnings could reach C$70 million, while there are also a number of other cash prizes, such as second place and millions of dollars worth of Max Million.

On Saturday, Tony Beatonty, a spokesman for the Ontario Lottery and Game Company, confirmed in a press release that Mega Jackpot has finally found a lucky winner. It was a long and intense 20th consecutive draw, but the $70 million prize went to ticket holders in Calgary, Alberta. Winners should now contact their local lottery supplier.

The draw on Friday, October 21, 2022 was the second-largest prize pool in the game, with cash prizes of more than C$133 million and impressive C$63 Max Million worth C$1 million each. And according to OLG’s information, 28 of those 63 were won by ticket holders across the country.

Ontario once again led the charts, recording the largest number of Maximilian wins, as Ontario announced a total of 11 winners. Tickets worth one million Canadian dollars were sold in Kingston, Kitchener, Niagara and Bourne, while two were sold in Nepean. Four other winners from Brampton, Philadelphia, St. Catherine’s and Toronto will share the prize money.

Mr. Beatonty said the people of Ontario were happy with the major win because they won a lot of prize money. However, he also mentioned that many winning tickets expire without being charged. Now, to prepare for the next draw, lottery fans will be delighted to hear that the winnings will start at C$52 million and there will be two Maxmillions.

This year, Canada witnessed several winners who received a Canadian $70 million prize from their fans’ favorite Lotto Max. Earlier this year, 54-year-old Manoharan Ponuturai cashed out his ticket exactly as much as it was worth. On December 17, 2021, in a draw, Brampton chose a quick pick option for his ticket, which turned out to be pretty cool for him.

In June, Marcel Lucier, Quebec, received an incredible 70 million Canadian dollars in prize money. The former Hydro Quebec employee shared that he found a huge winnings by checking the numbers online. With the money, he plans to help the entrepreneur rebuild Ukraine. And since their previous one has been canceled, he wants them to cruise together.

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