“Bodyguards at the first meeting”…Nam Hyun-hee remarries chaebol 3, 15 years her junior

On March 23, Nam Hyun Hee revealed her prospective groom, businessman Jeon Cheong Jo, in an interview with the magazine Women’s Chosun.

In the interview, Nam Hyun-hee revealed that Jeon first contacted her earlier this year, saying, “(Jeon) told me that he had to learn fencing urgently due to business affairs, and that his opponent was someone who had been fencing for a long time as a hobby.”

“So when I was waiting for him at the fencing hall for the first day’s training, I was surprised to see a friend who looked so young compared to the age I had heard about walk in with a bodyguard,” he said.

“In the second class, I was asked if I wanted to start a fencing-related business and if I wanted to join him,” says Nam.

“When I heard the business plan, it sounded so good that I thought, ‘I’d be a fool to refuse this,'” he explains.

“I live in a different environment than most people,” Jeon said, “I have bodyguards and a driver who share my daily routine.” “It’s obvious that I’m young,” he continued. 바카라사이트

“He clearly knew I was young, but when he saw me, he put his hands together and said ‘hello’ politely,” she said, adding, “I saw his professionalism, and I thought, ‘I can do something with this person.

“I think I had a change of heart while watching Nam Hyun Hee’s appearance after the divorce,” Jeon continued, “I confessed to her first.”

The outlet introduced Jeon as a “third-generation chaebol,” adding that in the past he helped manage a “global information technology (IT) company” as an executive and currently runs an “artistic and psychological etiquette training center” for children in Korea.

It also said, “His personal story and business plan, which cannot be revealed at this time due to unavoidable circumstances, will be revealed directly before his wedding to Nam Hyun-hee.

Nam Hyun-hee, her daughter, and Jeon are said to be living in Signiel, an expensive house where Jeon used to live alone.

In the interview, Nam Hyun-hee said he thought long and hard before announcing his remarriage because he thought he might be criticized.

“I used to feel uncomfortable in an environment where I had to talk about my life every time something changed,” he said. “

I have an eleven-year-old daughter, and Mr. Cheongjo is fifteen years older, and there’s a big difference between us economically,” he said.

“From that point of view, people might assume that Nam Hyun-hee did something to manipulate the other person,” he continued, “I said, ‘I’m divorced.

I have a new boyfriend’, some people wrongly assumed that Nam Hyun Hee did something wrong and blamed it on her ex-husband,” he explained.

On the issue of the child, Nam Hyun Hee said, “I think the child is currently in the process of accepting it,” and emphasized, “I think it’s a careful part, and I’m making a lot of efforts with Mr. Cheongjo.”

As for their plans for a second child, Jeon said, “I would be very grateful to have a child with someone I love, but I don’t have a problem if I don’t have a child.”

Nam Hyun-hee married former national cycling champion Gong Hyo-seok in 2011 and they have one daughter together, but divorced after 12 years.

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