In a World Where Teachers Are Suing for Injuries to Their Kids in Sports .

Children suing their fathers has been condemned as unethical in both the East and the West.

The law should not be above humanity.

For the same reason, it was taboo for a student to accuse a teacher, or for a teacher to accuse a student.

But nowadays, many things happen that are hard to believe. In school physical education, parents of students who are injured during physical education activities are demanding disciplinary action from physical education teachers and homeroom teachers, or civil lawsuits for monetary compensation.

A physical education teacher in his 60s was found dead last month after parents of a student who was hit by a ball during a high school physical education class applied psychological pressure by filing a police complaint.

Earlier, Gyeonggi-do Superintendent Lim Tae-hee revealed at a press conference that “the parents of a student who was injured during a wrestling class at an elementary school in Gyeonggi-do demanded a settlement of 26 million won from the physical education teacher.” 온라인카지노

The efforts of physical education teachers to design and encourage physical activities for students are the foundation of a healthy life.

Even if a student is injured during physical activity, the school compensates for medical expenses through the safety insurance program.

Nevertheless, it has become commonplace for parents to pressurize teachers through lawsuits.

A survey of teachers about safety accidents in schools released this month by the Korean Federation of Teachers’ Unions shows that the pressure of malicious complaints and lawsuits from parents has exceeded the limit.

Among them, the stress experienced by physical education teachers was high due to accidents that occurred during physical education classes.

In a world where the parents of a student who chipped a tooth when a goalpost fell over during a soccer tournament are demanding large sums of money, suing the PE teacher for a fall while running, and settling for a broken bone, it is impossible to have a normal PE class.

As one teacher confessed, “The parents of injured students complain and hold us accountable, so we make PE more theory-based than practice-based.”

According to the Korea Press Foundation’s Big Kinesis analysis of the vocabulary of teacher surveys on safety accidents in physical education, parents often call (7 times) and complain (10 times) to pressure the physical education teacher or homeroom teacher if they are injured in physical education.

Physical education is concerned with the bodies of individuals in a community.

It is because of the importance of student physical fitness that systems have been introduced to strengthen school sports club activities, such as the enactment of the School Sports Promotion Act around 2010.

Despite the intermittent media coverage, it is only because there is a social consensus to revitalize school physical education that students’ ‘weak physical strength’ is an ongoing issue.

Accusing teachers of safety accidents in school sports and pressuring them is also a sign of the failure of public education. But we can’t keep children at home.

German play expert Günter Belchig once told Hankyoreh, “If children feel that they are in danger, they can protect themselves.

Even though Germany is a country with many laws and norms, two children a year die in playground accidents.

How is that any different from the logic of closing roads because people are dying in traffic accidents?” he said.

This is something that Korean parents should think about when looking at school sports.

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