Kim Min-jae, Who is Against The German Media For Giving Him Low Ratings

German media Kicker unveiled Lee Ju-ne’s team in the seventh round of the Bundesliga on the 9th. 스포츠토토 Kim Min-jae was selected as Dortmund’s Schlotterbeck and best defender, while Munich’s winger Coman and Seru Girassi, your front-line striker, were selected for the attack.

Kim Min-jae also finally got a high rating on The Kicker, which was famous for giving him a cheap rating. Kim Min-jae always scored 3 or 3.5 points even if he did well, but this time he got 2 points. The lower the kicker’s rating, the better. 1 point highest point, 5 point: lowest point

Bayern Munich won 3-0 against Freiburg in the seventh round of the Bundesliga in the 2023/24 season at Allianz Arena in Munich, Germany on the 9th.

In the match, Munich started Kim Min-jae and Upamecano at center back. Kim Min-jae played full-time in the 90th minute, making as many as 170 passes and showing a 92% success rate, and showing the best performance with one opportunity creation, four interceptions, nine recoveries, and 100% success rate of aerial ball contention.

He received the third highest rating in the team with a rating of 8.3 points based on statistical media footmob. In addition, Hussaud, another statistical media, tied for fourth in the team with 7.9 points and Sofa Score, third in the team, tied for fourth with 7.6 points.

Kim Min-jae certainly shone in this game, too. In particular, the ball went to Freiburg striker Maximilian Philip in the third minute of the second half, and Philip dribbled in the box to break Kim Min-jae’s balance, but Kim Min-jae calmly put his shoulder in and made him do nothing.

Kim Min-jae also set a milestone. Kim Min-jae made 171 passes against Freiburg, the most by a player since the Bundesliga in February 2019.

The number is 66 more than Jojua Kimmich, who recorded the second-most passes in Munich. He also showed why he was the center of the build-up, making 157 of 171 passes.

He was such a great player, sports director Christophe Mount praised after the game. He is getting better and better. He is a good player who focuses entirely on football, training and work. I am lucky to have him in Munich. I look forward to the next few years with Minjae.

Kim Min-jae, who transferred from SSC Napoli to FC Bayern for a transfer fee of 50 million euros about 71.2 billion won, is right away Along with Upamecano, he took the starting position in the central defense. But in the past few weeks, the two players have regularly made systematic mistakes. When he allowed his first goal against RB Leipzig, manager Thomas Tuchel said the two players were basically completely opposite what we actually want.

But Upamecano is also getting better. Upamecano also played full time in this game, showing a 99% pass success rate, 100% long pass success rate, one sweep, two interceptions, 10 recoveries, and 100% successful aerial ball competition, showing a good performance as Kim Min-jae’s partner. However, Upamecano finished the game with only 77 minutes due to injury.

Kim Min-jae’s next match will be against Mainz 05 in the eighth round of the Bundesliga at Meva Arena in Mainz, Germany, on October 22. Mainz has Lee Jae-sung, so the Korean Derby will be held.

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