Ra Gun-ah, Who Became Chicken Ribs, And The A National Team, Which Has Been Neglected For Years.

Coach Choo Il-seung’s South Korean men’s basketball team lost 70-84 to China in the quarterfinals of the men’s basketball at the Hangzhou Asian Games at 1 p.m. on the 3rd. 스포츠토토

a complete defeat without a single lead since the middle of the first quarter. It is the first time in 17 years since the Doha disaster in 2006. It’s not just this day. It was completely defeated by Japan, which was like a second-tier team, and eventually lost to host China as it only had 14 hours of rest. What on earth was the problem.

Coach Choo Il-seung wanted forward basketball. Many forwards, including Moon Sung-gon and Song Kyo-chang and Lee Woo-seok, were selected. The importance of wingman resources in modern basketball is unnecessary. China, which was a tall team in this tournament alone, targeted its opponent with fast transition, early defense, and fearless three-point shots. Japan defeated Korea with three points and a transition.

By the way, Korea’s plan got mixed up. Moon Sung-gon and Song Kyo-chang left due to injuries, and Choi Joon-yong was not selected at all. Ahn Young-joon was also excluded from the national team selection due to a document problem. Oh Se-geun also failed to join the national team due to injury.

Eventually, the forward resources were exhausted. Yang Hong-seok, Byun Joon-hyung and Kim Jong-kyu were quickly selected as substitutes. In the end, he was completely defeated in the wingman resource match against strong teams that he had to meet in the quarterfinals and semifinals. It was difficult to fight with guard-center resources centered on Heo Hoon and Ra Gun-ah.

Naturalized player Ra Gun-ah was disappointing. Ra Gun-ah, who has seen a sharp aging curve since two years ago, has seen a sharp decline in her activity and athletic ability. Ra Gun-ah’s Achilles tendon grew more and more, although he had excellent mid-range shooting ability and one-on-one attacks using good power. In particular, he left numerous defensive problems as his recovery activity and instantaneous speed dropped after hedging in weak vertical defense and 2-2 attacks that did not protect Lim.

In the end, the target of the attack in the first quarter against China was Heo Hoon and Ra Gun-ah’s 2-2 defense. After receiving the screen, the opposing ball handler freely chose the rim attack, leading to a high probability attack. In this situation, Heo Hoon and Ra Gun-ah’s two-on-two defensive breathing was too dizzy. In addition, Korea was no match for China in the speed race. Although China easily succeeded in attacking inside and outside with a strong transition and early offens, South Korea had to shoot a tough shot with a slow transition.

The Korea Basketball Association is incapable of running the A national team. It is a problem that has already been proven for 10 years. The Korea Basketball Association is a complex combination of opaque finances, poor support, and administrative turmoil that cannot save off-season training and training partners.

In fact, the issue of naturalized players, which is the core of the national team’s strength, was neglected. Ra Gun-ah has already experienced rapid aging since a year ago. Jordan Clarkson of the Philippines, Londe Hollis Jefferson of Jordan, and Kyle Anderson of China. Asian competitors, including Japan’s Josh Hawkins, filled their national team’s Achilles heel with naturalized players. Weakness has become a strength. However, the Korea Basketball Association neglected the naturalized player issue after Ra Gun-ah. Most of the costs for naturalized players were passed on to KBL and its teams.

The coaching staff’s temporary coaching staff was also neglected. The coaching staff, consisting of coach Choo Il-seung and coach Lee Hoon-jae, wanted to bring in interim coach Kim Byung-chul, but failed to pay for two to three months. Compared to China and Japan’s management of about 10 coaching staff, it is disastrous. In addition, the training partner was not properly found, so the practice was not conducted efficiently. He also went to a training camp in Fukushima, which professional teams are reluctant to do.

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