North Jeolla Province, The First Foreign Agricultural Failure in 10 Years, Pays For It

Jeonbuk Hyundai, which reigned as the absolute powerhouse of the K League 1, ended 2023 without a loss. 스포츠토토사이트 After losing the K League 1 title to rival Ulsan Hyundai, the FA Cup was also lost to the Pohang Steelers.

Jeonbuk lost 2-4 in the FA Cup final at Pohang Steel Yard on the 4th, staying in second place. Jeonbuk lost to Urawa Reds Japan in the semifinals of the Asian Football Confederation Champions League in August last year and failed to advance to the final held in April-May this year. It has become a season where they have not won a single trophy in three competitions.

It is the first time in 10 years that Jeonbuk ended the season without a championship trophy. At that time, he remained in third place in the K League 1 and was eliminated in the round of 16 in the ACL. The FA Cup was also the runner-place. Coincidentally, Pohang was the team that lost at the time. In other words, the same history in 10 years has been reproduced.

Jeonbuk has always won a trophy despite various crises. He also missed the K League 1 title last season, but he created a champion atmosphere by standing at the top of the FA Cup.

2023, which will go down as a history of no war. The cause of the failure is clear. It is a failure to recruit players. Especially, foreign players stand out. Ahead of this season, Jeonbuk has recruited Hafa Silva and Andre Ruiz as foreign strikers who will serve as the team’s pillars. He recruited it with a large salary, but his performance is so insignificant that he is broken.

In the K League 1, Hafa Silva has only three goals and one assist. Andre Lewis has no offensive point at all. Gustavo, who is pointed out as sluggish as he has scored only six goals in the league, is seen as a good son. No wonder coach Dan Petrescu once openly mentioned the skills of a foreign striker.

Hafa Silva and Andre Ruiz had plenty of chances from early to mid. The former head coach gave the two players a lot of time even when they were sluggish, expecting them to survive someday. But it didn’t survive. Two players who were brought in by a huge investment were not helpful to the team.

Jeonbuk sent its national striker Cho Kyu-sung to Europe last summer. Although he brought in promising Park Jae-yong, he is not a resource to fill Cho Kyu-sung’s void immediately. In the end, Gustavo and a new foreign striker have to fill the vacancy, but only Cho Kyu-sung’s presence is revealed due to his lack of skills.

There is also a player like Gyeruk in defense. This is center back Petrasek, whom he recruited in the summer. He has not played since September 30. Critics point out, Why on earth did you bring him in?

Three foreigners, who should be the core of the team’s power, have virtually been reduced to abandoned cards. Midfielder Boateng even gives the illusion of a very successful recruitment.

Just looking at the FA Cup final, Pohang took the center stage with defensive Grant and offensive Zeka starting. On the other hand, Gustavo only played as a starter for Jeonbuk, while Boateng played for only a small amount of time as a substitute in the second half. The influence of foreign players was greatly compared.

Failure to recruit players is not limited to foreigners. Domestic players also have players whose positions overlap or wonder why they were brought in just by looking at the list. An official from multiple agents and scouts in Korea said, Jeonbuk has invested more recruitment funds than ever in the past year. However, the stance and effectiveness are questioned. I don’t know what direction I invested, he pointed out.

A player who can win a national team title recently will try to advance to Europe without hesitation. Unlike in the past, Jeonbuk cannot recruit many representative players. In the end, he should pay more attention to recruiting foreign players, but he failed to fulfill his important duties this year.

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