Watch Out For Pseudo-Teacher Lesson Programs

Before the popularization of golf, the ransom of lesson pros was an unimaginable high-income profession. 스포츠토토 When I first entered golf 30 years ago, I remember paying nearly 200,000 won a month for lessons at that time. There were few lesson programs, there were not many practice fields like now, and it was difficult to access videos and SNS information. All I had to do was go to the practice room and teach the lesson program for about 10 minutes. Furthermore, if they did not pay the lesson pro back money or buy gifts or alcohol, they often passed without sincerity. Occasionally, when I went to field lessons, there were frequent practices of not only all expenses, but also meals, drinking, gifts, and giving envelopes of money after rounding.

Now that golf has become popular, you can access a lot of information and lessons for free through golf-specialized broadcasts, videos, and SNS. Lesson programs have also increased exponentially, and it is said that one in 10 of the golf population in Korea is a self-proclaimed lesson program. The tragedy in question begins here. Pro programs on the air are misleading amateur golfers in the name of increasing distance and realizing accurate impact by subdividing high-level techniques and swings to increase viewership, YouTube and SNS programs to raise views, and to receive a lot of lesson fees.

Golf is simple unless you are a professional player. I have to hang a picture in my living room, but when I hammer a nail, do I hold it and think a lot about it? Will the nail go in? Won’t it be crooked? How much do you want me to give you? Without this thought, we nail it at once. The same goes for golf. You can swing without thinking at once as if nailing a nail. However, when you go to the field and give an address, Ama organizes and directs the lessons of numerous lesson programs that have been heard and received so far. Until the end of the 18-hole rounding, it is common for them not to swing once, and they only pretend to be a lesson pro, and then make all kinds of excuses to comfort them and complete the rounding.

To give you a smart reference point in choosing a lesson program, don’t meet a woman other than your wife. In other words, asking only one pro for lessons and coaching advice at the practice field, and having one teacher on YouTube or SNS can shorten the consistency of shots and the time to return to normal when they fall into a slump or get into the water. When you take lessons from several people, you can go to the mountains and the sea, not to hit the ball on the grass.

In addition, you should choose a lesson program by identifying whether you have enough practice time and have a lot of field experience in consideration of your physical characteristics or handicaps. When Ama, who does not practice at all, meets a lesson program that mainly teaches aspiring professionals, only her body gets tired, she can’t keep up, and she can’t keep up. On the contrary, when Ama, who aims to be low-handed, meets an old-fashioned lesson program, there may be an unfortunate situation where even what is there is rather than getting something new.

Modern golf lessons are becoming simple and clear due to the technological development of heads and shafts. Therefore, learning from a lesson pro who is familiar with advanced equipment beyond the stereotype of lessons will provide a pleasant taste of golf. Finally, most lesson programs try to teach their students or ama with all their heart about their knowledge, skills, and experience know-how.

To explain the pseudo-teacher lesson pro, which is only a few, The swing you’ve learned so far is not golf, You have to forget everything and start with gripping again from the beginning, Don’t discuss other pro lessons in front of me, Others teach golf hard, but I teach secrets with attributes without practice easily, and You have to split and divide all shots to get good shots. Lesson pro, which approaches with the motto, You should not meet, hear, or see. Practice is important for golf, but it is also important to choose the right equipment and lesson pro for you. I hope you will meet a good teacher who fits your golf philosophy and chemistry and have a pleasant rounding under the clear autumn sky colored with leaves.

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