PBA GameChanger Youngjin Kim, “Imagination, courage, and reading are the secrets to marketing”

From the unfamiliar to the familiar, from the old to the new, from the periphery to the center…
These are the words that describe professional billiards PBA, which launched in 2019.

PBA has completely changed the existing image of billiards.

Phoebe is billiards, billiards is Phoebe, and billiards is not the billiards of the past.
It is said that language is the world and the limit of perception.

The new language of “Phoebe” has expanded our perception.

Let’s look at the content.

The once silent billiard court has been transformed into a lively stage with colorful lights and sound.
Cheers from players and fans have become commonplace, and attire has lightened from bow ties to T-shirts and sneakers.

The cheerleading squad, the FBA Girls, has become an integral part of fan service.

Rule changes such as sets, two-point bank shots, and team competitions made the game more fun for fans.

Wow Management Executive Director Kim Young-jin, one of the midwives of PvP, described the paradigm shift as “courage” in his recently published book, Dream Sports Marketing.
For example, “mixed doubles,” a highlight of Team League’s organizational structure, was initially met with resistance from male players. 온라인카지노

There were also doubts about women’s skills.

“Courage is not a big deal,” he says. “

It’s not risking your life.

It doesn’t involve risking your life.

It’s just a small willingness to try,” he said.
Indeed, the new system has helped to elevate the role of women players from a supporting role.

This season, she added a women’s doubles set to the program.
Innovations in the sports system also have an impact on the social and cultural sphere.

Professor Choi Jong-ryul of Kyumyung University said that in the Phoebe A team league, men and women participate with equal status while recognizing their differences, showing the possibility of creating diverse values in a democratic society.

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