High One’s Yong Hyun-ji’s partner ‘Saving Ki’…”My sister is Imi Rae!”

“My sister is Imi Rae, you know that.” (Yong Hyun Ji)
“Sometimes I feel like I’m your sister.” (Imi Rae)
There is no best friend like this. There is a five-year age gap. But there is no distance between them.

When the older sister says, “I’m sorry I didn’t hit,” the younger sister scolds her, “Be confident.”

Why? Because they are a team.

Why? Because they are a team.
Hiwon Resort’s women’s doubles duo of Yong Hyun-ji (23) and Lee Im-rae (28) showed off their chemistry and helped their team to a 4-1 victory against the NHK Cards in the fifth round of the 2023-2024 Welcome Savings Bank PBA Team League at the Kintex PBA Stadium in Gyeonggi Province on Wednesday.
The duo swept the women’s doubles pairing of Kim Min-ah and Kim Bo-mi in six games, 9-1, in the second set.

After taking the first set, Haiwon Resort clinched the fourth and fifth sets to seal the match.

Although their postseason hopes were virtually dashed, they were all smiles as they improved to 2-0 in five round-robin matches.
After the match, Im said, “We were able to win because the locals played well.

I should have supported them better. I’m so sorry,” and thanked Yong Hyun-ji. In fact, in the doubles match, Yong Hyun-ji was one of the main contributors to winning the set, saving eight points, including a high run of six.
However, Yong Hyun-ji actually encouraged her sister. “Sometimes billiards goes well, sometimes it doesn’t,” she said. Her problem is that she feels too sorry for herself,” she said.
It’s been two and a half seasons since the sisters teamed up in women’s doubles. In the first year, Im was the one to deliver the points at key junctures, and this season, the burgeoning Yong Hyun-ji has been the one to do the heavy lifting.

However, they respect and care for each other more than siblings.

They also confide in each other.
Yong Hyun Ji says, “Last season, I was grateful that my sister was so good. 카지노사이트

This season, I felt sorry for her when she got discouraged.

After the fourth round, I told her strongly, ‘Don’t feel sorry for yourself, be confident,'” she said.

To boost her confidence, she repeatedly told her, “My sister is Im Rae!” over and over again.
Im is one of the biggest stars in women’s billiards, with four career victories on the individual tour.

This season, she suffered a temporary slump, and she was very distressed.

Her scoring percentage dropped, her long shots stopped coming, and her average dropped.

“I feel like something is very wrong,” she says.

With the help of my teammates, I’m trying to rebuild my mental and physical game.”
He’s got a lot of potential, and as his name suggests, he’s a “future-oriented” player, so it’s unlikely that his slump will be prolonged.

Moreover, her teammate Yong Hyun-ji is a great support. “

During team league matches, I often poke her with both hands like a gun to relieve her nervousness, and we play a lot of hand-to-hand games.

I’m happy to play with my sister.”After the team league ends this weekend, the duo will begin preparing for the individual tour, which resumes next month. “

I haven’t had much luck on the individual tours this season,” said Im.

I really want to win the three remaining individual tournaments before the World Championship.”

Yong Hyun-ji, who is also a top-tier player with two runner-up finishes this season, said, “I’m working on finalizing my strokes.

I have time, so I want to prepare enough and perform well in the individual events.”
What would happen if the two best friends faced off in an individual event? Yong Hyun-ji said, “Of course, I will try my best to fight and win,” while Im also said, “I will do my best to repay my fans.”

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