Teacher Jeong Jeong-yong, who is cautious about the “Jeja Lee Kang-in controversy,” said, “I hope it’s time to think about everyone including Kang-in.”

Head coach Chung Jung-yong attended the opening media day of Hana Bank K League 2024 at The Plaza Hotel in Sogong-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul on the 26th, and was unable to avoid questions about Lee Kang-in’s recent situation.

He was cautious, saying, “It’s not something to talk about in a place like this.”

“(The current situation) is a process of knotting. I hope this opportunity not only Kangin but also all the players will have time to think. This process is the same for us as well as for Japan. I hope a good coach comes and finishes well,” he said, hoping that it would be an opportunity for Lee Kang-in and the national team to become more mature.

The Korean national A team made it to the semifinals at the 2023 Asian Cup, and achieved not bad results. However, the team was criticized for its poor performance throughout the tournament, poor working attitude of former coach Jurgen Klinsmann, controversy over excessive use of key players, and zero effective shootings in the semifinal match against Jordan.

To make matters worse, the dispute between Son Heung-min and Lee Kang-in was revealed through British media. Lee Kang-in went to play table tennis with some players at the meal, and Son Heung-min, who values team harmony, stopped him. The two players, who got emotional, even had a physical fight, Lee Kang-in threw his fist at Son Heung-min’s face, and the controversy grew with the addition of Son Heung-min’s dislocation of his finger.

After this fact was known, criticism poured out against Lee Kang-in. Lee Kang-in initially left an apology on his Instagram, but the repercussions have not subsided. He went to London, England, where Son Heung-min is, and even wrote a second apology. Son Heung-min also accepted this and tried not to take any more trouble.

The controversy seemed to subside when Son accepted the apology, but the players were hurt a lot in the process. Eventually, the new coach who will take the helm of the national team came to a point where he had to deal with the situation.

Lee Kang-in was ranked as the ace of next-generation Korean soccer, contributing greatly to the runner-up of the U-20 World Cup under coach Chung Jung-yong in 2019. Since then, he has been on a roll, and he has worn PSG uniforms, one of the most prestigious in Europe, following Valencia and Real Mallorca. Lee Kang-in’s presence was great from the team’s uniform to the 3-1 victory in the first group match against Bahrain with one assist against Ghana at the 2022 Qatar World Cup and a decisive moment score at the Asian Cup.

He went through many hardships during the Asian Cup. As his teacher wishes, he should reflect on himself and see if he can be a blessing in disguise in his soccer career.

BY: 스포츠토토

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