Sweep 2 consecutive games of opening Will Samsung surpass natural enemy Kelly

Baseball officials also did not expect the result. Samsung has been on the rise, winning both of its two consecutive games against the KT Wiz that took place in Suwon on Tuesday and Sunday. Notably, the victory was all the more valuable because it was achieved in the game between Kt starters Cuevas and Eom Sang-baek, who showed good performances against Samsung recently.

Starting pitchers displayed stellar performance on the mound. Both Connor and Reyes, who were foreign starters, displayed their QS pitching performance by allowing one run (one earned run) in six innings. However, the bullpen showed signs of anxiety, recording an ERA of 9.00 in two games. This was due in part to the bullpen’s struggles with seven earned runs (seven earned runs) in three innings in Tuesday’s game.

The batting lineup also played a significant role. During the two consecutive games, the team was in the top ranks with a batting average of 0.367 (1st) and an OPS of 0.969 (2nd). Key figures include Kim Ji-chin and Kim Sung-yoon, two of whom are “small giant tablesetters.”

Kim Ji-chan recorded a batting average of 0.375 OPS 0.875 (on-base percentage of 0.500 + slugging percentage of 0.375) in two games, and Kim Sung-yoon recorded a batting average of 0.300 OPS 0.600 (on-base percentage of 0.300 + slugging percentage of 0.300) in two games. In defense, Kim Ji-chan recorded WAA 0.218 and Kim Sung-yoon recorded WAA 0.175, ranking first and second in defense contributions within the team.

In addition, veteran hitters Kang Min-ho and Oh Jae-il, and foreign hitter McKinnon also contributed to the team’s victory.

Samsung will hold three consecutive games during weekdays against LG in Jamsil from the 26th to the 28th. However, it will not be easy from the first matchup of the three consecutive games during weekdays. LG’s starter is Kelly.

Kelly had 10 wins and 7 losses with a 3.83 ERA in 30 games last season, achieving double-digit wins for the fifth consecutive year. In this exhibition game, he recorded one win and one hold with a 0.84 ERA in three games, showing off tremendous pitching.

One of Kelly’s most notable achievements is the “Samsung Killers.” He had 10 wins and 5 losses with an ERA of 3.20 in 18 games against Samsung. He also showed strong performance against Samsung with two wins and one loss with an ERA of 3.15.

The batter who was strong against Kelly last season was Captain Koo Ja-wook. Koo had five hits (one homer) and three RBIs and three runs from nine times at bat, and a batting average of 0.556 OPS 1.667 (on-base plus slugging percentage 1.111). In addition, Koo showed off a strong batting average of 0.429 OPS 0.929 (on-base plus slugging percentage 0.429) in the opening two consecutive games against the KT Wiz. The batters must make their utmost efforts, led by Koo.

Baton was handed over to Baek amid strong pitching by foreigners, one-two punch. In the 18 games last season, Baek won seven games and lost five with an ERA of 3.67. Due to injury, he failed to play until the end of the season. At this year’s exhibition games, he had two losses and an ERA of 9.53, showing poor performance.

Last season, Baek Jung-hyun was an LG killer. He had three wins and no loss in three games with a 0.92 ERA. The power of the LG killer is needed more than ever.

LG is also a good team with a batting average of 0.300 (third) and OPS of 0.704 ( seventh) this season. Although LG lost a game against Hanwha on the previous day, the team split one win and one loss each.

Oh Ji-hwan has become the No. 1 target for caution. Against Baek last season, Oh was strong with three hits from six times at bat, an RBI, a run and a batting average of 0.500 OPS 1.167 (on-base plus slugging percentage of 0.667). In the two consecutive games against the Hanwha Eagles, he also showed strong batting performance with three hits from eight times at bat, three runs scored and a batting average of 0.375.

In addition, Moon Sung-joo (0.571 batting average), Park Hae-min (0.500 batting average), and Shin Min-jae (0.429 batting average) showed strong batting performance in the two consecutive games against Hanwha.

Samsung has met its nemesis again just before its third consecutive win. However, if the Korean team continues to display capability that it displayed at the match against KT, its win for three consecutive years will likely be easy. Will Samsung be able to secure its third consecutive win by beating its nemesis, Kelly.

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