“What a great contract”… Lee Jung-hoo’s role model, MVP, admired the 150 billion ML line

Yanagita Yuki (36), the flagship hitter of the Japanese Softbank Hawks, smiled as he talked about Lee Jung-hoo (26, San Francisco Giants) after the practice game against the Doosan Bears at Paypay Dome in Fukuoka, Japan on Thursday. After declaring his bid for the U.S. Major League, Lee successfully signed a six-year, 113 million-dollar contract with the San Francisco Giants in December last year. It was the highest performance by an Asian fielder, surpassing Japanese Major Leaguer Yoshida Masataka (Boston Red Sox, five-year, 90 million-dollar).

Yanagita had no choice but to pay more attention to Lee Jung-hoo’s news. Yanagita is a master of batting, which Lee Jung-hoo has used as a role model since his school days. His jersey number is Ichiro Suzuki, a Japanese legend, and he runs with No. 51, but Yanagita used it as his batting instructions. Yanagita made his debut at the NPB in 2011 and posted a total of 1,398 games in 13 seasons until last year, 0.313 (1,542-for-4929), 260 homers, 855 RBIs, and an OPS of 0.950 in total.

Yanagita won the MVP award for the first time in 2015 with a batting average of 0.363, 34 homers and 32 steals, and is a representative hitter of Japan, which also won the MVP award in 2020 in the Pacific League. His nickname is “Mr. Full Swing.”

Yanagita watched Lee Jung-hoo play in an exhibition game in the Major League, where he used himself as a role model. “Didn’t Lee sign an amazing contract? He was handsome and had a great play style as a leadoff player. That’s why I’m rooting for him. It’s such an honor to have him as a role model. I never expected that a player who picked me as a role model would go to the Major League. I’m so happy,” he said.

Lee Jung-hoo is hitting hard every day as if to repay the support of his role model. He started in four exhibition games until the 4th (Korea time), and has been active with a batting average of 0.455 (5 hits in 11 at-bats), one home run, two RBIs, and an OPS of 1.318. He made a big splash in the Arizona Diamondbacks game on the 1st by reporting his first home run since his debut. Even though the launch angle was only 18 degrees, he hit the fence and attracted attention.

In the game against the Cleveland Guardians on Thursday, Lee had one hit, one walk and one RBI from two times at bat, continuing his hitting streak for four consecutive games. Lee drew a walk in the first inning off Cleveland Tanner Bibi, who can be classified as one of the top starting pitchers in the Major League, to get on base for four consecutive games and start the day. The next batter Luciano stepped down, but Wade Jr.’s two-run home run scored the first run for San Francisco. Lee also homered.

After two outs in the second inning, he returned to the plate for the second time. With two outs, Ahmed and Walton had consecutive hits, and Lee Jung-hoo had an RBI single. However, he failed to get on the base this time. Lee hit a grounder to the first base against Hunter Stanley, a new pitcher. Stanley has no experience in the Major League yet. He appeared in 26 games (24 starts) in the Double-A last year, recording 4 wins, 11 losses and an ERA of 4.92.

Lee certainly saved his second RBI single. Sabol’s walk in the fourth inning with the score tied 2-2, and Ahmed’s fielder’s choice on base gave him a chance to get the first and second bases loaded with two outs. After the second out, Lee Jung-hoo hit a timely hit to the right. He made a line drive against Hunter Gaddis, which led to a hit. Sabol homered and San Francisco took the lead again, 3-2. Lee garnered his second RBI in an exhibition game.

Lee once again showed his presence on the base. Lee stole second base from Luciano’s at-bat. He attempted to steal the first base and succeeded the first time in an exhibition game. However, Lee’s steal did not lead to an additional point as Luciano was struck out in the ensuing opportunity with two outs and runners on the second and third bases.

Lee Jung-hoo only played three times at bat in this game. Instead, as the first three times at bat returned quickly, he played until the fifth inning in defense and was replaced by Tyler Fitzgerald, a pinch hitter in offense in the top of the sixth inning. Fitzgerald struck out with a swing and miss, and took charge of center field defense in the ensuing defense.

Lee Jung-hoo is surprising the more he plays in games. San Francisco outfielder Mike Yastremski said in an interview with MLB Network on Tuesday, “He has amazing batting capabilities. His defense skills are flawless when watching Lee Jung-hoo’s defense. I like how he plays with a real center fielder. As you know, I’ve played many outfield positions, and it’s good to play center fielder, but I think it’s good to play only one position.” He stressed that Lee Jung-hoo is the starting center fielder.

He also stressed that Lee’s recruitment has given him a competitive edge in the National League West. Yastremski said, “We’re going to be a really, really good team. Lee Jung-hoo is a superstar more than people think, and he signed a great contract. Everyone says Lee is working hard.” He is confident that Lee will have a successful season in the big league.

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