Huh Woong and Huh Hoon laughed at the first sibling match in the professional basketball championship match

“My father is the happiest.”

Heo Woong (31, KCC) and Heo Hoon (29, KT) brothers, who faced each other in the last place of spring basketball, did not hide their smiles.

The two sons of former national basketball coach Huh Jae (58), the “basketball president,” will have the first sibling match in the professional basketball championship game.

This is not the result that I had expected. This was achieved by a miracle that the fifth-ranked team in the regular league (Busan KCC) advanced to the championship game for the first time in the KBL, which was launched in 1997, and the third-ranked team, Suwon KT, staged a dramatic reversal in the semifinal playoff.

The fact that Heo Woong and Heo Hoon are leading superstars in professional basketball is also infested with fan sentiment. During the 2021-2022 season, the All Star games were divided into “Team Heo Woong” and “Team Heo Hoon,” and at this season’s All Star games, Heo Woong ranked No. 1 in fan voting and Heo Hoon ranked No. 2 in fan voting.

Media Day of the championship match, which was held at the KBL Center in Seoul on Saturday, naturally became the two of them. Huh Woong and Huh Hoon said, “I am the happiest father. It is an honor for my family to be the first brothers to compete in a championship match,” adding, “I will show you a great match without injury.”

However, that was the only heartwarming atmosphere in the sibling rivalry. In the world of victory, a declaration of war was issued in which he showed his four fingers as if he had no brother or sister. In other words, he intends to end the championship game, which is the best-of-seven series, with all four wins.

Heo Woong said, “After (Huh) Hoon came from behind to win the title yesterday, his Kakao Talk chatroom caught fire because he was so excited. I’m glad to see that he’s drawing attention as a sibling match, but I’ll continue to win the title (in the championship match). I want to win all four games in Busan (Yeongojiin).”

Hur also displayed strong counterattacks. “As it is my first championship game, I feel more desperate about winning the title than anyone else. I don’t want to lose even once (to my brother’s team) to KCC. I will finish the game quickly and hold the trophy. Even if I face my brother one-on-one, he is just an opponent.”

Head coaches were also busy protecting their brothers. KCC manager Jeon Chang-jin said, “I am upset that good Woong always gives up to bad Hoon. I hope he forgets that he is my brother in the championship game.” KT manager Song Young-jin said, “Hoon is always confident. I hope he saves Sung-gon as well.”

If KCC wins the championship title this time, it will be its sixth championship in 13 years, and KT will win the title for the first time in 13 years. The record against the regular league this season was tied with three wins and three losses.

The two teams are intertwined not only in sibling rivalry but also in their hometown issues.

Busan, KCC’s hometown, was the old site where KT was loved by fans until 2021. Jeon also had a relationship where KT coached Song from the 2009-2015 season when the team was based in Busan.

Heo Hoon said, “KT’s fans will still be in Busan,” and vowed, “I will play like a do-or-die game for a feast where both teams’ fans can be satisfied.”

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