Park Jung-soo, Doosan’s new must-win group

Doosan decorated its first “Jamsil Derby” of the season against LG, which was held as a home game, with a winning series.

The Doosan Bears, led by head coach Lee Seung-yeop, won the 2024 Shinhan Bank SOL KBO League LG Twins at Jamsil Baseball Stadium in Seoul on the 14th, with 11 hits, including one home run. Doosan, which dominated the Jamsil Series against LG for six consecutive years from 2016 to 2021, has won consecutive games after losing one game in the first Jamsil Series of the season, reducing its gap with the joint fifth-place group to half (9-11 losses).

For Doosan, Park Joon-young, who had an RBI sacrifice fly in the third inning with one out and the bases loaded, became the main player of the final hit, Cho Soo-haeng and Yang Eui-ji hit multi-hit and Yang Seok-hwan hit solo home runs in the second inning. On the mound, starter Kim Dong-ju won his first win of the season with five hits, three outs and four strikeouts and two runs in five innings, and Lee’s pitching streak, which has jumped to the must-win group this season, continues. Park Jung-soo, a “flower boy submarine,” is the main character, who has been on a scoreless streak for eight consecutive games since his first two runs of the season.

In many professional sports, including the KBO League, if an FA player transfers to another club, the original club can bring a compensating player from the club that took the FA. Some teams choose prospects with high potential even though they have a short career in consideration of the team’s future, while others nominate players who can contribute to the team’s strength immediately next season. Doosan, where many FA players left for other clubs every year, nominated that many compensating players, and Doosan is famous for having a high probability of success as a compensating player.

Lee Won-seok (Kium Heroes), who was brought in as compensator for Hong Seong-heun who moved to Lotte Giants after the 2008 season, played for Doosan for seven years, excluding his military service period. Lee proved himself as a successful compensator by batting .298 from the first season of his transfer, and in 2013, he played only 85 games but recorded a batting average of .314 with 10 home runs. Lee is the first player to transfer to another team after becoming a free agent.

When Yang Eui-ji, the best catcher in active duty, moved to the NC Dinos after the 2018 season, Doosan named right-hander Lee Hyung-bum (KIA Tigers) as Yang Eui-ji’s compensation player. Lee Hyung-bum immediately played as Doosan’s closer as soon as he transferred, contributing greatly to Doosan’s victory in the Korean Series with 6-3 losses, 19 saves and a 2.66 ERA in 67 games in 2019. However, Lee, who fell into a deep slump after a strong performance in 2019, moved his team to KIA through the second draft after the end of last year’s season.

When Choi Joo-hwan, the fourth batter of the Kiwoom Heroes this season, moved to the SK Wyverns (currently the SSG Landers) after the 2020 season, he named Kang Seung-ho, an infielder who passed LG and SK, as compensation player. Since Kang had been under disciplinary action for drunk driving at the time of his nomination, there were many voices of opposition both inside and outside the club. However, Kang took Doosan’s starting second baseman position as soon as he transferred, and as of Tuesday, he has recorded Doosan’s highest batting average (.346) as of this season.

Park Se-hyuk’s compensation player, who signed with NC during the “catcher transfer” of the FA market in the winter of 2022, was infielder Park Joon-young. Park Joon-young, who was absent until the first half of 2023 due to shoulder surgery in October 2022, returned to the second half of last year and recorded a batting average of .228 with four homers, 17 RBIs and 16 runs in 51 games. And Park Joon-young is playing as Doosan’s main striker this season, making his team contribution higher than the visible performance (batting average of .155 with two homers, seven RBIs and six runs).

Will it be a successful reward player after four years of nomination

Park, who is a fellow major leaguer Kim Ha-sung (San Diego Padres), but was paid for one year when he switched from infielder to pitcher in his second year of high school, joined KIA as the 65th pick in the second and seventh rounds in the 2015 rookie draft. Park, who recorded three losses in 19 games during the rookie season, joined the police baseball team in the following year and became the most winsome player in the Futures League, emerging as a promising player in KIA. However, Park failed to adapt himself to the main league stage as he recorded double-digit ERA for two years after his discharge from the military service.

Park Jung-soo, who wore an NC uniform in August 2020 with Moon Kyung-chan and Jang Hyun-sik (KIA) and Kim Tae-jin (Kium), was nominated by FA Lee Yong-chan as a compensator in May 2021 and transferred to Doosan. At that time, Doosan expected Park Jung-soo to help in the bullpen, as Park Chi-guk, a sidearm player who played in the must-win group, was moving up and down the first and second teams due to frequent injuries. Park Jung-soo recorded three wins in the first season of his transfer, but his ERA soared to 7.42, which did not help the team much.

Park Jung-soo recorded a 3.20 ERA in 2022, but it was far from a must-win group, as his record of 1-1 and 19 innings in 13 games suggests. Park Jung-soo also recorded one win and one save in 25 games last season, but failed to show a stable pitch as he gave up 18 walks and six hit balls in 36.2 innings. Park Jung-soo, who had been gradually narrowing his position on the Doosan mound, has been showing his presence to manager Lee Seung-yeop and baseball fans through his strong performance early this season.

Park Jung-soo, who failed to catch an outcone and recorded two runs (one earned run) in his first appearance of the season against NC on March 24, has not allowed a single run while playing 9.2 innings in the next eight games. Coach Lee Seung-yeop, who used Park Jung-soo as a long relief at the beginning of the season, has also been sending Park Jung-soo to the match. Park Jung-soo took the mound in the top of the sixth inning with a 5-2 lead against LG on the 14th, giving up only one walk in one inning and showing a scoreless pitch, marking his third hold of the season.

Park, who played as a swing man who transcends starting pitcher and bullpen during the KIA and NC Dinos, had only two holds until last year. However, Park has already held more holds than his career this season, taking three holds in the last four games.

BY: 안전 토토사이트

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