The coffee truck that made director Jeon Chang-jin feel emotional

The front yard of the clubhouse in Mabuk-ri, Yongin-si, Busan, of the professional basketball team KCC is a “hot place” famous in the basketball world. The “coffee tea procession” accelerated as coach Lee Sang-min, the original popular man, joined the team following Heo Woong, the most popular man in basketball.

Recently, an unusual coffee car has given a different impression. It has been to support coach Lee and his players, but it is a special coffee car for coach Jeon Chang-jin. A coffee car with a placard titled “KBL’s Best Master Genie♥” was set up in the front yard of the clubhouse on the 24th. According to the club, it is the first coffee car for a coach. In commemoration of achieving 500 wins in 2022, coach Jeon offered coffee cars to college students who participated in the “National University President’s Amateur College Basketball Competition,” but he had never received them. This is why coach Jeon was surprised when he received a report from the club’s front office that the coffee car had arrived, saying, “What are you talking about? Isn’t it delivered wrong?”

The person who sent the coffee car is said to be “Busan KCC Egis Gallery,” a union of existing KCC fans and Heo Woong’s fans. They did not give a new nickname of “Gini” to the former coach, who had a strong image with nicknames such as “Tiger” and “Victor,” but also put all their efforts into decorating the coffee car.

The coach Jeon made small frames and placed them everywhere, including a picture of his memory with his friends Yoo Jae-hak (former Hyundai Mobis coach) and junior Heo Jae (former KCC coach). On the rolling banner of the large full-body picture, the cheering phrase “You are our miracle” was engraved to revive the spirit of the coach Jeon. Deep sincerity was buried everywhere, including drinks such as coffee, as well as snacks sets of fruits and biscuits.

Why did fans send such a coffee truck out of the blue? I could guess the reason from the cheering phrase for “three-line poem” that touched the nose of viewers including Jeon and the team. “Jeon: What we said before, Chang: Chang-jin, Jin: I’m so sorry.”

“We are the team that needs to win the championship,” Jeon said in an interview with a broadcasting company after confirming his advance to the championship with a victory in the fourth round of the semifinals on the 21st. “I was cursed at (by) fans during the season. I staged several truck protests and told them to step down several times…, I will do my best and step down.” The coach was enough to be interpreted as a statement that implied “recession” and how much he had been troubled by “weight.”

However, it is true that the voice, which had been hastily immersed in criticism, has lost its place now that the world of victory is said to be the result of advancing to the championship match of the first fifth-place team.

The fans who sent the coffee truck seem to have contained a message of “apology instead” as if they wanted to touch the hurt coach Jeon’s heart. The fact that he delivered a separate gift set and a letter of support to Jeon and Choi Hyung-gil also gives a glimpse of the fans’ affection.

“I never thought about it. I am just so grateful. I will cheer up and repay you with good results at the championship game,” a team official said. “This coffee truck was very different from the usual one. I hope the players will also take the meaning of acrostic poems as an opportunity to renew their minds.”

The coffee truck continued on Saturday. The truck was delivered to foreign players including Ra Gun-ah, Alize Johnson, and Jeffrey Epistola, encouraging KCC players preparing for the championship.

BY: 사설 토토사이트

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