U.S. broadcaster’s rave reviews have been overshadowed

Lee Jung-hoo started as a leadoff center fielder in Game 3 of the four consecutive away games against the Philadelphia Phillies at Citizens Bank Park on the 6th (Korea time) and recorded one hit in five times at bat.

He has had three consecutive hits since the game against Philadelphia on the 4th, but all of them were only one hit in five at-bats and had no runs, RBIs, or walks.

His batting average was 0.244 (32 hits in 131 times at bat), missing two more runs than the previous day. His on-base percentage fell from 0.302 on the previous day to 0.299 while his slugging percentage (0.313) and OPS (0.612) continued to decline. His two homers, seven RBIs and 13 runs scored for the 13th day since April 23. The team’s last on-base hit was against the Pittsburgh Pirates (one hit, one walk) on April 27.

Lee Jung-hoo hit Philadelphia right-hander Taijuan Walker’s second 87.6-mile cutter well in the top of the first inning, but was out on a fly ball to left field

However, he managed to garner a hit after one out in the third inning, when the game was tying 1-1. With the ball count of 2B2S, he garnered a right-handed hit by pulling a curveball that fell 74.1 miles off the middle of Walker’s sixth pitch. It was a hard hit with the speed of 102-mile-per-hour hitting that hit the center of the bat for the first time in a while.

However, all of the subsequent hitters stepped down with poor batting and could no longer advance.

At the third batter’s box with two outs and a runner on first base in the fifth inning, when his team was losing 1-5, he hit a line drive to the outfield, but was blocked by opponent left fielder Brandon Marcy. Walker’s second pitch, 90.9 miles outside the ball count one ball, stretched to left-center, but Marcy sprinted and caught it in front of the fence. The batting speed was 99.5 miles and the flying distance was 347 feet at 24 degrees.

He remained silent again in the seventh inning when his team narrowed the score gap to 3-5 with Mike Yastremski’s infield hit and Tyro Estrada’s two-run homer to the left-center field after one out in the top of the seventh inning.

Austin Slater then got a walk from left-hander Gregory Soto, and Nick Ahmed created a chance with one out and runners on first and second base. Lee Jung-hoo, who entered the batter’s box, was caught by the second baseman when he touched an 85.2 mile slider that fell to the middle of Soto’s fifth pitch at the ball count of 1B2 floated high into the infield. Earlier, he fouled out a sinker with his body parts that were 97 miles and 96 miles fast, and failed to set the timing at all when the relatively slow slider flew into the lower course. The batting speed is 77.5 miles.

Local broadcasters praised Lee Jung-hoo as a “great contact heater” when he entered the batter’s box, but when Lee Jung-hoo failed to take advantage of the chance, “Soto took the timing with a slider and overpowered it with an in-field fly.”

After two outs in the top of the ninth inning, when Jackson Ritz’s left solo home run gradually followed it 4-5, he stepped back with a fly ball to right field and announced the end of the game. He pulled left-hander Jose Alvarado’s 95.2 miles of body sinker, but right fielder Nick Castejanos moved near the right foul line and caught it.

San Francisco Giants, which lost 4-5, lost three games in a row and tied for third in the NL West with 15 wins and 20 losses. It widened its gap with the first-runner Los Angeles Dodgers by 7.5 games. Philadelphia, on the other hand, maintained its No. 1 ranking not only in the NL East but also in the MLB with 24 wins and 11 losses.

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