78.5 billion Won To Go To Tottenham, a Mouse in Front of Monster Kim Min-jae

The national soccer team played an away warm-up match against Wales at Cardiff City Stadium in Cardiff, Wales, on the morning of the 8th, drawing 0-0. 스포츠토토 Under Jurgen Klinsmann, there is still no victory with three draws and two losses in five games.

It’s a good thing that he didn’t lose a point. He only scored no runs in eight games since 0-0 against Uruguay at the 2022 Qatar World Cup in November last year. However, I have long forgotten the memory of victory. Including the 1-4 defeat against Brazil in the round of 16, it is three draws and three losses.

Defensive leader Kim Min-jae did not play against Peru and El Salvador as he was out for basic military training in June after experiencing Klinsmann’s soccer with two matches in Colombia’s 2-2 draw and Uruguay’s 1-2 loss in March. Through the match against Wales, I experienced a little more evolving soccer.

There was also a change in Kim Min-jae’s status. Analysts say that it has been upgraded a little by moving from Napoli to Bayern Munich. While gaining experience and meeting various strikers, it is widely expected that Kim Min-jae, a monster, will become a bigger player.

In the match against Wales, he stopped two strikers. Wales put Johnson, who moved to Tottenham for 55 million euros KRW 78.5 billion as a starter, as a front-line striker. However, he was blocked by Kim Min-jae’s strong interpersonal defense and replaced by 196cm tall keeper Mooy AFC Bournemouth at the start of the second half.

Johnson tried to shoot when he caught the ball from the front, but was blocked by Kim Min-jae’s angled move. In particular, in the 32nd minute of the first half, when Johnson was about to go forward to catch the ball, Kim Min-jae only slightly turned his body. Johnson fell and complained of pain and hoped for the referee’s recognition, but was not deceived. Kim Min-jae hit his body and laughed and moved on.

In the second half, Wales openly played soccer using Muay’s height. However, Kim Min-jae did not waver. It blocked Wales’ offensive by properly dividing roles with Jung Seung-hyun. He was able to score no points because he had control of space in a strong physical fight.

Kim Min-jae said, It’s been a long time since the players came to Europe on an away trip. Isn’t it hard to go to Europe. I think it’s good not to lose a point. He should have done well at a time when victory was needed. He’s very disappointed. Next time, we have to win, he said.

Europeans have eased the burden of travel distance and jet lag, but on the contrary, K-League fights with the burden. So he was more desperate for victory, but he got half the success of scoreless runs from the defender’s point of view. The drought of victory is not burdensome at all, he said. We have to play our own game. You have to show the part that the director demands. I think we can win if we show that part well. The players are also working hard, but they don’t have any pressure, he said, adding that it is time to insert the soccer that coach Klinsmann pursues.

There are many new colleagues, so Kim Min-jae himself needs to adapt. He said, Of course, I came in March after the World Cup and I missed it in June. The players have changed a lot. It’s time to adjust. We need that, he said, explaining that it is important to keep the optimal balance until the 2026 North American World Cup scheduled for November and the Qatar Asian Cup in January next year.

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