Tottenham Sonke Duo Leaving aAfter 13 Years Disbanded After 8 Years

David Onstein, a reporter for the British media The Athletic, said on the 11th, Harry Kane 30, Tottenham Hotspur has decided to transfer to Bayern Munich, German media Bild reported, Kane asked Tottenham for permission to conduct a medical test to transfer to Munich. 스포츠토토

Eventually, the long and long transfer rumor ends. Kane has been constantly linked with Munich this summer. Munich suffered from a gap in the front line last season. Last summer, he transferred Robert Lewandowski to FC Barcelona. And in the final round of the German Bundesliga, he beat Dortmund to win the come-from-behind victory. The most goals scored in the team was Serge Gnabry, who scored 17. Compared to Lewandowski’s 50 goals in all tournaments in the 2021-22 season just before the transfer, it was clearly a disappointment.

Thanks to this, he aimed at Kane to solve his front-line concerns this summer. Kane is a striker who has been the top scorer three times in the Premier League alone. He also scored the second most goals in the Premier League with 213 goals. This is not all. While Tottenham was in eighth place in the league last season, he scored 30 goals alone. He was ranked second in scoring after Elling Holland Manchester City. He is a player who can do his part despite the team’s sluggishness.

There are also various advantages. Equipped with basically compliant goal determination. In addition, the destructive shooting from the powerful ankle strength is excellent. He also has excellent movement to score goals and has header ability. In addition, the linked play based on accurate passing ability is excellent. Thanks to this, he showed off his perfect teamwork with Son Heung-min, who penetrated the back space of the opponent.

Tottenham couldn’t let go easily because he was such a perfect striker. Kane is also a Tottenham franchise star. Kane made his debut for Tottenham in 2010. Since then, he has been a member of Tottenham, except for leaving for Norwich City and Leicester City to gain experience. Kane, who scored 280 goals in Tottenham’s uniform, is also the team’s highest scorer.

Naturally, Tottenham offered Kane a new contract this summer. However, Kane refused to do so. All the air currents have changed. The current contract expires next summer. Tottenham is on the verge of letting Kane go on a free contract that does not incur a transfer fee if he is with Kane next season.

The biggest reason for Kane’s refusal to renew his contract seems to be Tottenham’s irrelevant march. Tottenham haven’t won an official trophy in 13 years since Kane made his first team debut. He also reached the UEFA Champions League final in the 2018-19 season, but finished second after losing 0-2 to Liverpool. On the other hand, Munich has won the Bundesliga title for 11 consecutive years. He has won 32 Bundesliga titles and is the most wins. He also won six UCL titles. It’s a team that can guarantee Kane a trophy.

When Kane refused to renew his contract, Tottenham went on sale. Chairman Daniel Levy set aside 100 million pounds about 167 billion won for Kane’s ransom. Munich did not seem willing to pay this amount. A total of three offers were made, but all were rejected.

However, he was serious about recruiting Kane. CEO Jan Christian Dresden and director Marco Nepe did not accompany Munich on their Asian tour. He flew to London to negotiate the recruitment of Kane.

However, Chairman Levi’s attitude was lukewarm. During the negotiations, Levy and his family went on a two-week vacation to Miami. Munich’s position was embarrassed, and Kane became likely to stay at Tottenham.

Meanwhile, Tottenham eventually accepted Munich’s offer. Several options were added to 100 million euros about 145.2 billion won. Including options, it is a mega-contract worth a total of 177 billion won. Tottenham’s acceptance of the proposal seems to be due to the order of owner Joe Lewis. The Lewis owner did not want Kane to be released as an FA. This is because sending a player as big as Kane for free was tantamount to a huge loss.

The two teams have reached all agreements. Now only Kane’s decision was left. And Kane chose to move to Munich. Kane left Tottenham for the first time in 13 years.

Son Heung-min, the soul partner, is drawing a lot of attention at the news of Kane’s transfer. Son Heung-min and Kane have led Tottenham together in recent years. He also scored the most goals in the Premier League with 47 goals. Soccer fans nicknamed the two Sonke Son Heung-min + Kane duo.

But now there is no Kane. Starting this season, Son Heung-min is scheduled to enter the Solo Tour. In the end, the Sonke Duo will be disbanded for the first time in eight years since 2015 when Son Heung-min joined Tottenham.

Kane’s transfer has put Tottenham on fire ahead of this season. This is because he is not an easy substitute. Hishalisson, who is likely to replace Kane, scored only one Premier League goal last season. We need to prepare for the new season by recruiting front-line strikers as soon as possible.

Coincidentally, Kane will play with another Korean player instead of Son Heung-min. It’s Kim Minjae. Kim Min-jae left Napoli this summer to strengthen Munich’s defense. Last season’s performance was overwhelming. As soon as he joined Napoli ahead of last season, he became the main player. Based on strong physical conditions and fast speed, he overpowered his opponents in every game. He played in a total of 45 games and scored two goals and two assists.

After the season, Kim Min-jae won the Italian Serie A Best Defender Award, and Napoli won the league title for the first time in 33 years thanks to Kim Min-jae’s performance. Munich now has a strong ball-and-number balance. From the back, Kim Min-jae firmly protects the goal, and from the front line, Kane aims at the opponent’s goal.

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