At The Age of 46, He Won His First All-Star Game And Won His First MVP As a Master of Upsetting Things

Gunsan Sangil High School’s DNA as a master of reversal did not cover the competition. The Peacock Gunsan Sangil High School, Bae Myung High School, Hwimoon High School, led by active players from Gunsan Sangil High School, beat the No Brand Daegu Sangwon High School, Sunrin Internet High School team to win the All-Star Game of the High School alumni baseball tournament. 스포츠토토핫 Jung Won-seok 46, former Hanwha, who won the MVP award for the final hit, gave credit to his juniors.

The Peacock team beat the No Brand team 4-2 in the All-Star Game of the 2023 No Brand Cup High School Choir Competition held at Gocheok Sky Dome in Seoul on the 28th.

In the game scheduled until the fifth inning, the No Brand team scored two runs in the top of the first inning and continued its lead until the fourth inning. However, the top batters, plastered with active players at Gunsan Sangil High School, turned the game around without missing a single attack chance to match their nickname of a master of reversal. In the bottom of the fourth inning, when the Peacock team trailed 0-2, Gunsan Sangil High School players succeeded in getting on base in succession against Lee Man-soo and Kim Do-woon batteries and even tied it 2-2. Here, Jung Won-seok made a 3-2 come-from-behind with an RBI timely hit to the right, and Choi Hyung-joon hit an RBI timely triple to the center of the outfield.

The MVP of the All-Star Game was Jung Won-seok, who made a come-from-behind hit. Jung Won-seok said, I haven’t played in the All-Star Game even when I was active, so I’m happy to experience it like this. Since they play in the same team as Gunsan Sangil High School, they turn the tables like this. I think I got a boost from the kids running hard in front of me, he said.

Gunsan Sangil High School, which has been called a master of reversal since the 1970s when it was Gunsan Commercial High School, won the presidential cup for the first time in 37 years as it played a great game against Gyeonggi High School in the semifinals and Incheon High School in the final. That confidence continued in the All-Star Game, an event game. Jung Won-seok said, Before the fourth episode, I told the children, We can’t lose though. Should we play Operation Baseball? And the kids said, We’re good at Operation Baseball! We’re the master of the reversal! he said. The kids really made the runner, and I couldn’t miss the opportunity. So I concentrated after a long time, he said with a big smile.

The No Brand Cup High School Choir Baseball Tournament, hosted by the Korea Baseball Softball Association and sponsored by Shinsegae E-Mart Group, marked its second anniversary. The winning school will receive 30 million won in scholarships and the runner-up school will receive 15 million won in scholarships. The joint third-place team will also be awarded 7 million won, and the results of the seniors’ sweat will be delivered to their juniors. While the first champion Gunsan Sangil High School and Daegu Sangwon High School, with Yang Jun-hyuk at the forefront, did not apply for the competition, Jung Won-seok had to apply separately in his personal capacity through a notice posted to the Retired Players Association. As such, he participated in the All-Star Game for the first time and won the MVP award, and shared the MVP injury with his juniors, making memories.

If we Hwi Bookstore also participated and came after Lee Jung-hoo, the game would be over, Jung Won-seok, who was complaining, said, I think it’s a good thing to apply. It’s really nice to meet the seniors and juniors who have always talked on the phone. I hope that good memories will remain with the high school children who participated, and I hope that there will continue to be such a competition in the future. If it continues to be held, we are willing to participate steadily, he said.

As Coach Chung said, it was a venue for a festival where active high school players and seniors harmonized together. Senior players filled the gap in the situation where many players could not be called up because it was the college entrance period. Coach Chung had to play first base for the Peacock team, and Kim Sung-bae and Shim Soo-chang took the mound years after retirement. For the No Brand team, Ahn Ji-man, a former pitcher, and Lee Man-soo, chairman of the Hulk Foundation, shared catcher masks.

Peacock team starter Kim Sung-bae and No Brand team starter catcher An Ji-man were the most sweaty players on both teams. Kim Sung-bae, who met in the dugout, said, It’s hard to throw after a few years of retirement in 2017. I throw it a few times while teaching my children, but it’s my first time on the ground because I’m not playing social baseball, he said. After a long time, I’m reminded of the feelings I’ve forgotten to live on the mound. Although it is before the event, I feel good that the tension I felt on the ground in the past also comes up he said with a big smile.

Ahn Ji-man, who was often seen as a catcher by a professional baseball team, sighed as soon as he entered the dugout after receiving an inning, but showed the most enthusiasm to manager Yang Yang-hwan, who was struggling with the formation of the starting lineup, saying, It doesn’t matter where. In addition, he brought various equipment such as catcher masks and infield gloves to help Lee Man-soo, his senior player, make his debut on first base.

The highlight was the debut of Lee Man-soo, a good catcher. Lee Man-soo wore a catcher mask in place of Ahn Ji-man in the top of the fourth inning. Although he gave up four points while working with his high school junior Kim Do-woon, he took the mound and encouraged Kim Do-woon, and when Shim Soo-chang hit a ground ball, he tagged out the third base runner himself. Even when he came out as a batter, everyone in the field made a hit with a surprised fast ball and received applause from his juniors.

Lee Man-soo said, It’s good to go out as a catcher after a long time, but even after playing an inning, my legs are relaxed. Still, I’m 66 years old and have a sore throat and shoulder, but I think I did well at this point, he said. The pitcher Kim Do-woon had a very good ball. I lost a point and lost only because of me as a catcher, he said with a smile.

Peacock consisted of Lee Joon-woo Fosu, Gunsan Sangil High School, Choi Si-won Left-Wiksu, Gunsan Sangil High School, Lee Jae-hoon Right-Wiksu, Gunsan Sangil High School, Kim Jong-hoo Jungangsu, Gunsan Sangil High School, Park Sung-bin 2nd baseman, Gunsan Sangil High School, Joo Hyun-sung Yoo Jung-soo, Retired, Jeong Won-seok 1st baseman, Retired, Choi Hyung-joon 3rd baseman, Bae Myung-go and Kim Sung-bae pitcher. The starting pitcher is Kim Sung-bae, who has been active in 447 KBO games.

No Brand formed the lineup with Lim Jae-min Yoo-soo, Sunrin In-go, Ahn Ji-man catcher, retirement, Lee Jin-woo second baseman, Sunrin In-go), Yang Joon-hyuk right wing, retirement, Park Do-gun left wing, Daegu Sangwon High School, Seok Dong-hyuk center fielder, Sunrin In-go, Kim Do-woon third baseman, Daegu Sangwon High School, Lee Man-soo 1st baseman, retirement and Jang Kyung-woo pitch, Daegu Sangwon High School. The starting pitcher is Daegu Sangwon Sidearm Pitcher Jang Kyung-woo.

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