Its Will Seong Hoon who is Infinitely Growing

Sung Hoon prepared the equipment perfectly to secure the spot on ‘City Fisherman 5’. 

In particular, he made a strong appeal, saying that he had a background as a former swimmer and that he had a free diving certification. 

He went on his first fishing trip at Chudo, an island in Tongyeong called the mecca of anglers, but recorded a no-hit and was nominated for the Kuang Si Fisherman’s Award.

He started fishing early in the morning on an empty stomach, and 30 minutes before the end time, he started collecting turtle hands instead of meat. 

However, due to a sudden wave, the bucket containing the turtle hands was swept into the sea, and Seonghoon jumped into the sea without hesitation, surprising everyone.  카지노사이트

Seong-Hoon, who succeeded in swimming through the rough waves and retrieving the bucket, showed extraordinary performance from his first appearance.

Entering the third day of the fishing challenge, Seong-Hoon recorded his first hit following an earnest prayer to the Dragon King, cheering at a stone octopus caught on his fishing rod. 

After truly experiencing the taste of fishing, he gained momentum and caught a king octopus, showing his infinite growth potential.

Seong-Hoon, prayer meta activated → Seong-Hoon, who teamed up with Lee Soo-geun in Gyeongju, the second source of mackerel hits, started fishing in earnest with two golden badges. 

As other teams fished out giant mackerel one after another, he even showed off his entertaining sense of humor by activating the praying meta. 

Seong-Hoon’s earnestness immediately led to a big mackerel hit, and he succeeded in his first move, receiving enthusiastic support from his fishing seniors.

Seonghoon’s passion to become a ‘fisherman’ was even hotter. 

On the third day of fishing in Gyeongju, Seonghoon was the first among the members to lift a fishing rod, and cheered when a huge fish appeared on the surface of the water. 

However, he soon revealed the youngest member Mi, who was sullen at the fact that the fish he caught was a Dorado that no one eats, making the viewers burst into laughter.

Seong-Hoon, who felt good in his first move, caught a large mackerel one after another, and succeeded in catching it with all his might, signaling a smooth start. 

Seong-Hoon, who worked hard on a fishing boat all day and ignited his passion for fishing, showed growth by winning 28,000 won and taking third place on the day.

Seong-Hoon, who showed up as always in Wangpo, Jeollabuk-do, the third production site, attracted attention with his professional appearance, such as preparing coffee for fishing experts from the opening. 

He was delighted with the praise he received from Lee Deok-hwa and Lee Soo-geun, such as “It’s hard to handle it without Seong-hoon,” and “I’m proud of you.” 

In response, Seong-hoon expressed his desire by making a desperate promise to appear on the show, saying, “I will follow in the footsteps of Sang-wook.”

Seong-Hoon, who made a strong bid to win the golden badge, participated in a competition for the total price of fish regardless of species in Wangpo, Jeollabuk-do. 

After a long wait, he caught a croaker and said, “The fishing rod didn’t even move just a moment ago.

I have a feeling that only I know,” he said, showing off his first ceremony.

Seong-Hoon, who caught black sea bream three times in a row, earned the title of ‘Gam Seong-Hoon’ of ‘Urban Fisherman 5’. 

After mastering a special lecture on reaction from Kyung-gyu Lee, he said, “I got into the mood. 

I will go,” he shouted, marking the end of 11 hours of Wangpo fishing.

In just his third outing, Seong-Hoon not only showed off his winning fishing skills but also increased his reaction experience, moving one step closer to being confirmed as a fixture. 

Attention is being paid to whether he, who has been reborn as ‘Gam Seong-hoon’ from ‘Fishing Newborn’, will be able to maintain his place in ‘Urban Fisherman 5’.

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