22-year-old Yong Hyun-ji “Someday my time will come”…poker-faced competitor

Yong Hyun-ji is on a roll.

The runner-up of the second tour of the season and the quarterfinals of the last three tournaments in a row show a different side of him.

His poker face doesn’t change during the match, showing his competitive spirit.

He hasn’t won a title yet, but he’s not impatient.

The 22-year-old ‘Future Power’ is quietly biding his time.
Yong Hyun-ji (Hiwon Resort), who has been tipped to win every tour this season, will test his luck once again.
The stage will be set for the seventh edition of the 2023-2024 Phoebe A-LP-BA Tour, which will be held at Hi-One Resort in Jeongseon, Gangwon-do, for nine days starting on Sept. 22.

He has been active since the beginning of his professional career, but has yet to win a title, so he will be aiming for the top spot in the sponsor’s competition.

In an interview with Hankyoreh, Yong said, “Winning is not something you can say you want to do.

You always wait and wish for it.

I hope I can get to the top this time,” he smiled broadly.
The reason for the fans’ high expectations is the team’s strong performance this season.

“It’s true that I’m practicing more than six hours a day and working on my fundamentals.

But I don’t think I’ve changed anything in particular,” he said.
The only thing that has changed is his confidence and “can’t lose” mentality.

“I feel confident that I can hit any ball that comes my way, and even if I’m losing, I naturally think, ‘I can win if I hit a 5 and a 10,'” he said.
In the past, he was criticized for being mentally weak, but he has shaken it off.

“I’m nervous on the inside, but it doesn’t show on the outside, which is why people say I’m a good player.”
Of course, billiards is not as easy as it sounds. You also have to be lucky.

Just look back at the quarterfinals of the 5th Tour NHL Card Game.

Yong Hyun-ji lost 1-3 to Choi Hye-mi (Welcome Savings Bank) in the quarterfinals.

Her 0.629 average in the quarterfinals was unimaginable for a player who won the NHK Card Vae Welbank Top Ranking Award (1.923 average). 카지노
“Hye-mi played so well that day.

When you give your opponent a flow, it’s hard to hit the ball well.

This kind of momentum is called ‘good knife’, and her knife was unstoppable that day.”

In reality, Choi Hye-mi overcame Yong Hyun-ji’s hump and rose to the top with her sharp shots.

There’s a lot to learn from defeat.

“I don’t want to make excuses, so I didn’t say it, but I played in a situation where I couldn’t sleep and couldn’t turn my neck (laughs), and I didn’t understand the table conditions quickly enough,” Yong Hyun-ji explains.
“I don’t want to make any mistakes at the seventh Tour event, the Hi One Resort Championship.

“I’m trying to get down to the venue quickly and get used to the conditions.

I haven’t practiced enough because of the change in environment, but it doesn’t matter.

I don’t even do Pilates, which I used to do two days before the competition, but this time I’m going to stretch and keep my tempo up.”

The question is, how do you win in a game where the odds are stacked against you and there are so many variables?
Yong says, “The reason I always prepare is because I have to catch my luck when it comes.

But if you’re impatient, you’ll make mistakes.

If you are greedy to do well, it can be a burden.

I wait until the timing is right.”
Born in 2001 and full of “happy energy,” Yong Hyun-ji is much more assertive than her age.

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