BCLC Wins prestigious award for promoting inclusivity

So far, the British Columbia Lotte Corporation is one of the highest-ranking employees in the world. Last week, Crown shared that it was recognized by Canada’s Director of Human Resources for its efforts to promote diversity, inclusion, belonging, or DI&B. 바카라사이트 BCLC has been appointed a five-star Diversity & Inclusion Employer in a relentless effort to achieve true inclusion.

BCLC is a state – owned enterprise that regulates and provides land – based and online gambling and lottery products in the state of British Columbia. We are proud to reinvest the entire proceeds into the local economy as funds pour into healthcare, education, community groups, and organizational support.

Last week, BCLC went beyond its efforts to promote inclusiveness to become the only Canadian company recognized in the 5-Star Diversity & Inclusion Employer (Diversity & Inclusion) category. This sector is given to the best companies that employ between 500 and 2,499 people. Thus, another socially responsible honour is given to the Crown Agency.

Sandy Austin, interim chief people officer at Crown Corp., said that as a socially-purpose company, BCLC is a very important point for them to try to provide people with a win-win and foster a more inclusive culture. The executive shared that while Crown is proud of their achievements, there is still more work to be done on diversity, inclusion, and a sense of belonging for all.

For Crown, DI&B means investing in locals and introducing inclusive policies, processes and structures to create a culture of inclusion that supports the growth and development of all employees. The goal is to build a working environment in which all employees see, hear, and belong without discrimination and are open to various perspectives.

Back in 2021, BCLC launched a new DI&B policy that underpins respect, integrity and community values. It also further strengthens Crown’s commitment to equity, inclusion and anti-racism. The Crown believes it will be a long process with a lot of work to do, but it is still passionate and committed to making it a reality.

Recently, BCLC was also recognized by Corporate Knights for its service and contribution to the welfare of the community. In March, Corporate Knights released its first Social Purpose Report, titled Social Purpose Transition Path: Helping Businesses Move from horse to do, which determined that BCLC received a platinum rating for social purpose practices.

This month, Crown Corp. was chosen as the operator to help the Saskatchewan Indian Gaming Authority’s first legitimate iGame market. SIGA President and CEO Jane Hansen predicts new online platforms and mobile apps could be up and running by October this year.

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