KCC Whose Homework is To Revive Lee Seung Hyun And Strengthen The Organization

Busan KCC lost 83-94 to Goyang Sono in the 2023-24 Jeonggwanjang Professional Basketball at Sono Arena in Goyang on the 12th. 사설토토

KCC, which lost a close game at Anyang Jeonggwanjang, lost the game to Changwon LG last Friday, falling to eighth place with two wins and four losses with three consecutive losses.

KCC, which has been attracting nearly 8,000 fans in the opening match of the season by relocating its hometown to Busan, recruited Choi Joon-yong in the off-season and earned the title of a super team and was named the favorite.

He proved that he was a favorite to win the Cup, and he poured 106 points on Seoul Samsung in the opening game to win and prove that he is a strong player once again. However, KCC has been shaking since then until Sunday’s Sono match, with its weaknesses highlighted.

KCC, who lost to Wonju DB in the second game of the season, seemed to rebound by winning against Hyundai Mobis. He had to face a three-game losing streak by Sunday’s Sono game. Choi Joon-yong, who was out of the lineup due to injury, returned to seek victory, but failed to tie with the victory due to 19 shots outside Sono.

After the game, coach Jeon Chang-jin had an unusual one-line interview after the game, so his KCC performance during the weekend was very disappointing. This is a move that no one expected. This is such a shocking present.

Let’s take a look at KCC Hyunjae. First, the faces of three of the best line-ups changed. Lee Ho-hyun, Choi Jun-yong, and Alize DeShawn Johnson have newly joined. It can be interpreted that organizational power or persistence and crisis management ability are not intact.

In the process of losing three games in a row, weaknesses were exposed. KCC is currently struggling with the three keywords mentioned above, unlike Seoul SK, which was listed side by side as candidates for the championship before the season, which is different from the murderous game schedule and the absence of Kim Sun-hyung and Oh Se-geun’s condition due to participation in the EASL.

Although he played a number of practice games in China and Japan off-season training and in Korea, the process of matching with new players in practice is also a proof that it is not as easy.

Also, Lee Seung-hyun is in the worst condition. First, Lee Seung-hyun, who has consistently scored double-digit points (excluding 9.5 points in the 2019-20 season) since his debut, remains at 7.5 points this season. What is even more regrettable is the energy level and confidence. I don’t see Lee Seung-hyun’s unique combat power. His expression is not bright either.

In the game against Sono, who has a weakness in the fourth position, he only played for more than 23 minutes, leaving four points, three rebounds and two assists. As such, Lee Seung-hyun’s current situation is not good. In order for KCC to win the game against Sono, Sono’s performance was essential. It was the day of Lee Seung-hyun, who could not easily peel off Choi Hyun-min, who frequently played matchups.

Besides, Ragania is not the same as before. Even considering Johnson is the main option, Raganah’s power has certainly been halved. Currently, the most regrettable thing for KCC is its defense, which includes the keyword of will or determination. Lee Ho-hyun and Heo Woong, who play as the core of the guard, are not highly scored in defense. Both players are covering their weak defense with their offense and sense. It is a weakness that must be overcome by cultivating organizational power.

It was even more prominent against Sono on Sunday. Lee Jung-hyun and Han Ho-bin’s shooting ability was great, but clearly the contest scenes of the two players had to be included. In the defense situation of the two-man game, there were problems in balance or positioning, and they provided a lot of open opportunities.

There is still a card called Song Kyo-chang. It’s the first round now. If Lee Seung-hyun recovers his overall organizational strength and recovers his condition, there is enough opportunity to rebound. As coach Jeon Chang-jin said, KCC is still a preparatory super team. It looks like we still need to warm up to be reborn as a super team.

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