SSG “cautious” in search for new director a week after appointment

A week after appointing a new commander, the search is on for a new front man. SSG Landers has been mired in controversy lately.

On March 25, SSG announced the departure of former leader Kim Sung-yong. He was reassigned to the role of head of the R&D center (formerly the development team), a position he held before taking over as head coach.

The reason for the move was to “hold him accountable for the controversies that arose during the recent manager and coach appointments and the secondary draft process.”

Following the move, former head coach Kim Sung-yong eventually decided to leave the team.

For over a month after the regular season ended, SSG was the loudest team on the block.

The team effectively fired Kim Won-hyung, 카지노사이트넷 who led the team to the overall title in 2022 and to the postseason this year, just one year into his three-year contract.

Since then, the process of selecting a new head coach has been noisy.

The managerial candidates were exposed to the outside world, which should have been closely guarded due to the sentiment of the KBO. With the LG Twins on the brink of the Korean Series, former president Kim Sung-yong admitted that LG hitting coach Lee Ho-joon was a finalist for the job, causing a stir in the league.

The process of hiring a new manager and coaching staff was not smooth. Not only did the team offer Son Si-heon, who was training in the U.S. with the support of the NC Dinos, the position of manager of the Futures (second team) team, but they were also criticized for breaking a kind of “business courtesy” by contacting a coach who had already secured a position with another team.

Kim’s selection by the Hanwha Eagles after being removed from the 35-man protected list in the second round of the draft only added fuel to the fire.

After failing to finalize retirement discussions with the 23-year “One Club Man,”

SSG did not make any notable exceptions when submitting their list of second-round draft picks, and their complacency in assuming they would not be selected backfired.

It was also said that Kim Sung-yong, the former head coach of Yatapgo, who had a long history of coaching in amateur baseball, did not grasp the climate of the professional stage and handled it immaturely. In the end, SSG’s choice was to change the head coach.

For a team that had already been in turmoil due to a managerial change, the series of events likely came as a ‘shock’.

In particular, the club’s handling of players who had been with the team for a long time was enough to agitate the players. The fact that SSG’s ace Kim Kwang-hyun, the team’s signature star, publicly complained on his social media accounts is an indication of the mood of the squad.

SSG is currently in the midst of a team-building exercise centered around new head coach Lee Sung-yong, who is reportedly meeting with veteran players to try and calm things down.

The announcement of Lee’s appointment was made on the 17th.

In less than a week, SSG had to find not only a new head coach, but also someone to lead the front office.

The change of head coach came amidst controversy, and SSG is more cautious than ever.

“We are well aware of the current situation. We are proceeding with caution and are looking for someone who can work well as a partner with the new head coach, Lee Seung-yong.”

SSG is looking to bring in external talent. This is reportedly because there are currently no promising internal candidates.

As with the head coach search, the SSG plans to create a set of criteria and narrow the field before making a final decision. 안전놀이터 With the decision to replace the head coach made over the weekend, the SSG only began discussing the criteria in earnest this week.

“We are working on the criteria in depth. There are various opinions and we need to coordinate them.” “We are in the early stages of the selection process. We will thoroughly set the criteria and carefully recruit a new director.”

However, there is a lot of pressure on whoever comes in. The first challenge is to fix the current situation. There are negotiations with catcher Kim Min-sik, who was released as a free agent (FA), and the signing of foreign players must be finalized. They also need to draw a sketch for next season’s budget.

A baseball insider said, “The new manager of SSG will be under a lot of pressure. Even if they try to hire someone from the outside, they may not get the job.”

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