The Spirit of Generosity Shown By Big Leaguers With a Lot of Money

Major League players also have the best spirit in the world as they play on the best stage. 사설토토 The Athletic unveiled the story behind the Diamondbacks’ postseason prize money dividend on the 23rd local time, shedding light on the spirit of giving by major league players.

Teams participating in the Major League postseason share some of the revenue from spectators’ admission according to their performance, and the team distributes it again to take the prize money. This includes 60% of the entry revenue for the first two games of the wild card series, the first three games of the division series, and the first four games of the Championship Series and the World Series. A total of 1,078,000 dollars were allocated for the 2023 season.

Arizona received $313,634, with 71 people included in the total share. Some of them shared allowances through partial sharing and cash compensation. Who will benefit from which will be decided through a team meeting around September. Players who were on the roster or injured list from June 1 until the last day of the regular season are automatically eligible for the entire share, and these players are eligible to vote.

According to The Athletic, the Diamondbacks team considered not only the team but also the support staff to benefit from the occasion to some extent.

Evan Longoria, who played third base for Arizona, said, There are probably a lot of people who are surprised after receiving the check by mail.

Arizona is not the only one where teams that have advanced to the postseason take care of so many employees. The Los Angeles Dodgers have more than 80 people to be shared for the past three consecutive seasons. There were also 72 Philadelphia Phillies in 2022, and 74 Tampa Bay Rays and New York Yankees in 2021.

It’s not always beautiful. In 2018, the New York Yankees excluded analyst Jack Piero, who was accompanying the team, from the compensation list, and the compensation scale of P.J. Filitair, who was an assistant hitting coach, was also cut in half. However, this is only a small number of cases. Most Major League Baseball players don’t forget to take care of the staff who worked for them.

Los Angeles Dodgers first baseman Freddie Freeman said in an interview with the media, When I first participated in this meeting when I was in Atlanta, veterans such as Dan Ugla and Brian McCann said, If we win the World Series, this dividend can be life-changing money for someone. The words touched my heart. I’m saying this when I’m old enough to speak out. Thankfully, there are many players in the Dodgers club who have the same idea. The support staff work hard for us all season. I want to be as generous as possible to them,” he said.

He also seems to have not forgotten consideration for the rookie players who have just entered the Major League. The dividend amount will be determined while it is unclear whether these players will play in the postseason. Even after playing well in the postseason, things may happen that are not treated properly.

In an earlier interview, Longoria said, This is one of the most difficult points in the discussion process. It’s because we don’t know who will contribute how, he said, introducing the conversation between the players, saying, We concluded, ‘If we join the roster, let’s get the full amount unconditionally.

As a result, Arizona included rookie players such as Andrew Salfrank, Bryce Jarvis, Slade Seconi and Jordan Rauler among the entire shared list regardless of whether they played in the postseason. Those who applied the minimum annual salary $720,000 during the regular season as much as the number of days of roster registration will receive more money than this.

I told the players, I’m the one who earned enough now, Longoria said. Please don’t get me wrong. I’m not one to roll my eyes looking at a $300,000 check. I was just saying that the impact this money will have on me will be very small compared to the impact on newcomers, clubhouse employees, and kitchen workers who have just debuted. I don’t feel like I should be the one to make this decision, but I’m hoping you’ll understand my point of view. Other players will also realize that they are in a position to have a meaningful impact on someone’s life if they receive Christmas thanks from those who have been helped, he said.

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