Yang Seok-hwan stays with Doosan

Yang Seok-hwan (34-Doosan Bears) will remain a ‘Bearsman’.

The Doosan Bears and Yang Seok-hwan concluded their second round of free agency negotiations on May 29. The total amount is in the late 7 billion won range for 4+2 years. It is a four-year guaranteed contract with a mutual option for two years after 2028. This is actually the highest amount of money booked in the free agent market this season, surpassing Ahn Chi-hong (4+2 years, 7.2 billion won), who signed with the Hanwha Eagles on April 20.

The first free agent negotiations were held on the 27th of this month.

Doosan was wary of “overpaying” in the FA negotiations. In recent years, the salary cap has been tight after signing league-leading players such as Heo Kyung-min, Jeong Soo-bin, Kim Jae-hwan, and Yang Yang-ji, and with another internal free agent, Hong Gun-hee, also set to sign, 먹튀검증 the team couldn’t just open its wallet.

Yang’s camp also recognized this.

First and foremost, Yang’s love for Doosan was deep. Although he was open to negotiating with other clubs, he decided to stay with Doosan early on and set the table.

Doosan also realized that the first meeting was not a bad one and was able to negotiate more aggressively. The two sides realized that the differences in terms of the contract were not significant, and the contract started to take off.

The second meeting resulted in an immediate contract. On the afternoon of the 29th, the meeting was finalized. Negotiations continued until late in the afternoon, and both Doosan and Yang Seok-hwan finalized the agreement with some acceptance of each other’s opinions.

Yang was drafted by the LG Twins in the third round (28th overall) of the 2014 KBO Draft after graduating from Shinil High School and Dongguk University, and was acquired by Doosan via trade in March 2021.

Doosan received Yang and left-hander Nam Ho, while sending LG left-hander Ham Deok-ju and right-hander Chae Ji-seon.

Doosan’s acquisition of Yang was a “huge success.

The former “big guns prospect” blossomed into a full-fledged starter for Doosan, which had a hole at first base after Oh Jae-il left for Samsung as a free agent. In his first year with the team, Yang quickly became the starting first baseman, batting .275 with 28 home runs in 133 games, leading the team in home runs.

The following year, Yang’s batting average dropped to 2.244 in 107 games due to a series of injuries, but his power remained the same. He hit 20 home runs and was a solid center fielder.

This season, he played in 140 games, batting .281 with 21 home runs. That’s good for fifth in the league in home runs.

In addition to his role as a center fielder, Yang is also a senior on the team who leads his teammates.

This season, Yang made a heart with his hands after every hit or home run, and the club connected him to a donation project. The Doosan players also joined in on the heart gesture, which became part of Doosan’s culture earlier this season.

In September,

Kang Seung-ho showed extraordinary “camaraderie” by taking his broken bat and gluing it back together after his cycling hit. In addition, he won the hearts of fans by performing rainy weather ceremonies with senior players, which is usually reserved for the youngest players. A Doosan official said, “He can be seen as the next captain, and he leads the younger players well.”

After the season, Doosan manager Lee Seung-yeop asked the club to “crack down on internal free agents.” Lee said, “Yang Seok-hwan is a hitter who can hit 20 home runs, and Hong Gun-hee has 20 saves. 온라인카지노사이트 It’s not easy to find players like this,” he said, adding, “Both Yang Seok-hwan and Hong Gun-hee are trusted by their juniors and teammates. We need both of them.” The biggest challenge, retaining Yang Seok-hwan, turned out to be a success.

After completing the contract with Yang Seok-hwan, Doosan will meet with Hong Gun-hee’s team on the 30th to negotiate.

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