All The Players Clap With Thunder at The Inauguration Speech of The Captain of SON

Tottenham said on its website on the 12th that Son Heung-min will captain the 2022-2023 season. 스포츠토토사이트 The vice captains are James Madison and Christian Romero. He is the captain of the striker himself, midfielder Madison, and central defender Romero, who is the vice-captain of the position balance arrangement.

In some cases, captain’s armbands were temporarily worn in the pre-season, but it is simply impossible to make an official captain who entrusts the entire season without much faith.

After being appointed as Tottenham’s new captain on the 13th, Son Heung-min said, I’m really honored and proud to be the captain of the great club, and added, I already told the players that everyone should think they’re the captain on and off the field. I will wear the captain’s armband for the new season and give everything, he said.

The possibility of Son Heung-min’s claim was already foreseen. Hugo Lloris, who was captain until last season, is scheduled to leave the team, and Harry Kane also moved to Bayern Munich, signaling a reorganization of the captain’s team. In particular, Son Heung-min was the most likely candidate because he was a key player in the team.

Kane and his soul partner Son Heung-min left a farewell message on his SNS. It was a pleasure to play with you, a leader, my brother, and a legend, he said. We made a lot of memories, amazing games, and goals together. Thank you for everything you’ve given me, the Tottenham club, and our fans, he said.

Son Heung-min and Kane collaborated on 47 goals, the highest combined record in PL history. The two players have the record of the best duo in pl history, with Kane scoring 23 goals and 24 assists and Son Heung-min scoring 24 goals and 23 assists. Son Heung-min, who leaves his soul partner, stressed, I wish you only good things in a new place.

Immediately after voting for Kane’s transfer, coach Enje Postecoglou acknowledged Son Heung-min’s appointment as a central striker. When asked by a reporter, he said, Yes, adding, I will not rule out the possibility. I’ve known Son Heung-min for a long time. He will be able to play in the center, he replied.

Coaches form their teams in their own ways, he added. Some teams may not place Son Heung-min in the center striker position, but we can consider the option of putting him in the center in our play style and tactics, he explained.

Not only the central striker but also the captain, we can see Tottenham’s expectations for Son Heung-min. Already, Son Heung-min has successfully led his teammates by serving as captain for a long time in the Korean national soccer team. During the 2022 FIFA Qatar World Cup, he showed his fighting spirit despite an orbital fracture injury and led him to the round of 16 based on his outstanding leadership.

Ahead of the game, a video of coach Postecoglou introducing Son Heung-min as a new captain was released after a brief briefing. He said, We need new leadership to achieve our dreams. “I think Son Heung-min is the right person for the new captain, he added.

Son Heung-min, who was recommended by coach Postecoglou, said, This season is very important. I’ll set an example for others with my argument. Systematic preparations are also needed ahead of the game.As it is an important season, let’s all do our best, he said in his inauguration speech.

At the end of Son Heung-min’s remarks, Tottenham players all applauded and welcomed the new captain. Coach Postecoglou said, As Son Heung-min said, not only the captain but also everyone should work together to move forward.

Leadership is something that everyone does well and makes together. As the captain said, let’s all move forward as a team together, he added, I hope Deputy Captain Romero and Madison will work hard to help Son Heung-min.

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