Gateway Casino Welcomes New CFO

Gateway Casino & Entertainment, one of Canada’s game leaders, most recently announced the appointment of an entirely new chief financial officer from early 2022. 파친코 Beginning January 1, 2022, the position was held by Quinny Wong, who was tasked with helping the company develop its growth and development strategies.

The gaming giant is one of the leaders in the Canadian gaming industry, with a total of 26 casino properties across Ontario, British Columbia and Alberta. At 28 properties, the company offers work to approximately 6,500 people, while providing 365 table games, 902 bingo seats and 79 food and beverage venues, as well as a total of 12,971 slot machines.

Mr. Wong has been working for a gaming company since 2011, so he is quite familiar with it. For many years, she held key financial positions, including the company’s chief accounting officer and senior vice president of finance. During her time with the company, she was an integral part of the company’s success in collaboration with the internal finance and accounting team.

Over the past decade, Mr. Wong has been instrumental in several strategic growth deals, including the acquisition of Playtime Gaming. The company has secured six additional game assets. She was also instrumental in expanding to Ontario, where the company currently operates 12 assets, and completing the company’s refinancing in October 2021

Tony Santo, the current CEO of Gateway Casino & Entertainment, shared a few words and commented on Wong’s appointment. According to him, her leadership has been a major factor in driving the company’s growth across the location and portfolio of new projects. Ms. Santo also praised her contribution during the company’s recovery after an unprecedented situation.

Before arriving at the gaming giant, Won worked for PwC’s audit and warranty group. I will now report directly to Mr. Santo as the new chief financial officer of the game leader. Her appointment now requires regulatory approval from the company. No doubt, she will do a great job as the CEO of the company.

Gateway Casino & Entertainment had to close all Ontario gaming facilities this week. For example, Casino Lamar announced that it would be shutting down operations from January 5, 2022 to January 26, 2022. Spokesman Rob Mitchell said the health and safety of sponsors and staff were a top priority.

The gaming giant will build a $CA$60 million casino property in Kingsway Entertainment District in Greater Sudbury. However, the entire project faces legal challenges from the non-profit Minnow Lake Restore Group, which has called for a halt to the development of the KED until the issue is resolved. The corporation said it remains committed to the project.

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