OLG To Hire Sault St. Marie Office Staff

Ontario Lottery and Game Company, one of Ontario’s leading employers, is looking to recruit new employees at Salt Steemari’s headquarters. The Crown Company said it will hold events online for two days on May 30 and 31, 2023, allowing interested applicants to submit their applications to one of the many possible positions.

OLG is one of the best employers in Canada as well as Ontario. This year, the organization was included in Canada’s list of top employers based on an independent survey of more than 10,000 individuals working for companies with more than 500 employees. In addition, the company was also listed on 20% of the nationally selected companies.

Currently, OLG’s headquarters are located in Sault Ste. Marie is one of the biggest employers in the region looking to expand further. With the May 30 and 31 events, the company will hire 26 positions of staff. Recruitment is enterprise technology, digital & land-based gaming, finance, risk & analytics, internal audits, lottery and customer management, governance, law and compliance.

As mentioned, the two-day virtual job fair will be held on May 30 and 31, 2023, giving interested individuals the opportunity to learn more about OLG and possible positions. Interested people are advised to schedule a 15-minute online one-on-one interview with Crown officials for their preferred roles. This can be done through https://olg.hiringplatform.ca/list/ssm .

In addition to job vacancies, however, digital recruitment events will also introduce a city called Sault St. Marie to illustrate the benefits of living and working in this exceptional community with OLG’s main headquarters. In addition, OLG has also been approved for one of the positions and is willing to provide migration support to those who want to move to the city.

Esther Zdolek, senior vice president of people and culture at OLG, noted that the crown has quite deep roots in the city because OLG has been a part of the city for over 30 years. She added that OLG operations are of paramount importance to communities now and in the future. Finally, she said, the focus is on creating fun, inclusive, and performance-oriented workplaces in the city.

Land-based gaming activities allow OLG to share revenue with host communities that house casinos. Sault St. Marie is one of them and received more than CA$344,000 from Crown during the fiscal quarter ending March 31, 2023. The city has been home to gateway casino Sault St. Marie since may 1999.

In its latest payments to all communities in Ontario, the city of Niagara Falls also collected one of the province’s largest quarterly payments. For hosting Fallsview Casino Resort and Casino Niagara, the city received about CA$3.93 million in the fourth quarter. In FY 2023, Crown Agency donated approximately CA$19.9 million to host the two casinos.

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