Everyone knows Lee Kang-in is good, but where should I put him?

Lee Kang-in is likely to start the fourth Group C match of the second Asian qualifying round for the 2026 North-Central America World Cup, which will be held at Rajamangala Stadium in Bangkok, Thailand on the 26th. Lee Kang-in played as a substitute in the second half of the previous match against Thailand, which drew 1-1 on the 21st. At that time, Lee Kang-in was the last Korean player to join the national team, and there was a lot of pain. The away game in Bangkok will be played after all the jet lag and lack of training under Hwang Sun-hong are resolved.

It is not necessary to say more about Lee Kang-in’s ability, but only when Hwang finds a way to harmonize with other players can there be a synergy effect. The absence of Lee Kang-in does not cause the offense to suffer a problem. Rather, as former coach Jurgen Klinsmann’s tactics of driving the ball to Lee Kang-in were easily seen, Korea suffered a difficult performance at the Asian Cup in Qatar. The problem is harmony.

In the game on the 21st, South Korea’s starting offense showed quite smooth chemistry, which was based on the “left free roll” of Son Heung-min, which was created under Paulo Bento. Unlike Klinsmann, who stubbornly used Son Heung-min as a two-top position, Bento used Son Heung-min as a kind of free roll after a long study.

In the last match against Thailand, Son was considerate of his tactics and led the attack. The formation was close to 4-2-3-1. At this time, Lee Jae-seong did not remain as an attacking midfielder, but frequently moved to the left side, filling the sides with overlapping left-back Kim Jin-su, and Son Heung-min moved into the center, aiming for a more fatal play. This play came out repeatedly, and the goal also came out in the process. Even right winger Jung Woo-young moved to the left, securing the numerical advantage of the side at the moment, and Son finished the pass Lee Jae-seong gave to the left and towards the center.

Striker Joo Min-kyu, who has good ability to exchange passes, and offensive midfielder Lee Jae-sung helped to make Son Heung-min comfortable. There was also a scene where Son Heung-min exchanged passes in the center with the two players and attacked the defense. One of Son Heung-min and Lee Jae-sung was not mechanically trapped in the winger role, but moved organically. As expected, it was what he saw when he was under Bento.

What would it have been like after Lee Kang-in was deployed? Lee Kang-in, who was deployed in the 17th minute of the second half, later showed a clear presence by leading the Korean attack, but his presence failed to lead to a goal. At the end of the second half, Korea tried to change its attack method by replacing four players. Lee Kang-in, who has been holding the ball longer than Jung Woo-young and leading the attack, was based on the right winger’s position but frequently went into the center to seek a pass. Cho Kyu-sung, whose striker used to receive Lee Kang-in’s crosses well instead of Joo Min-kyu, changed his active midfielder from Lee Jae-sung to Hong Hyun-suk, and the left-back changed to Lee Myung-jae, who is more familiar with cross-oriented attacks than Kim Jin-soo. However, he failed to score the winning goal despite unilateral attacks, and his replacement card was only a half-failure or half-success.

The flow of the game after Lee Kang-in was so one-sided that midfielders Baek Seung-ho, Hwang In-beom, and Hong Hyun-seok penetrated into the opponent’s gate all at once because Korea had an overwhelming advantage. The situation with overwhelming individual skills and home advantage should also be considered. Whether Lee Kang-in is the reason for the last-minute offensive of the game needs to be analyzed closely by the coaching staff.

The task is to dissolve Lee Kang-in naturally in response to the attack by the starting combination against Thailand, which did not work bad. To do so, Lee Kang-in needs to show more of himself as a team player. Lee Kang-in often showed a tendency to solve the problem on his own in the national team, and his play often led to decisive goals and assists. On the other hand, his team also shows that they faithfully perform their tactics in line with the team’s game flow in Majorca and Paris Saint-Germain (PSG). His performance in Europe is not unreasonable to replace the role of Lee Jae-sung or Hong Hyun-suk. Rather than the days when Klinsmann gave full power on the ground, he needs to return to his usual sacrifice play.

The third person who can provide a clue to the answer is Joo Min-kyu. Joo Min-kyu has a different style of play than the existing national team strikers. If Hwang Ui-jo plays a role in retreating the opponent’s defense with steady penetration attempts, and Cho Kyu-sung responds to midfielders with provisional rights and forward pressure, Joo Min-kyu is a player who helps with a more intuitive pass connection. Joo Min-kyu, who made his A-match debut against Thailand, worked synergistically by holding on with his back against the opponent’s center back and connecting passes to Son Heung-min and Lee Jae-sung. He is also a player who can connect between Lee Kang-in and Son Heung-min.

In addition, if Joo Min-kyu, who has good finishing ability in front of the goal, plays with Lee Kang-in for the first time, you can expect to receive a through pass and handle it.

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