Hanwha Has Definitely Became Strong… Coach Choi Won-ho “competes to the end of the fifth starter and the main outfielder.”

Hanwha returned to Korea via Incheon International Airport on Tuesday afternoon. After the first spring camp in Canberra, Australia, Hanwha returned to Korea on the same day after completing the second training in Okinawa, Japan.

Hanwha manager Choi Won-ho, who met with reporters shortly after returning home, said, “The first spring camp focused on building a body to play, and the second camp aimed at adapting to the actual game,” adding, “I am proud that both the first and second camps have performed as well as planned.”

Hanwha, which remained at the bottom of the list with “9-10-10-10-9” for five years since 2018, is aiming to advance to the postseason this season. Notably, Ryu’s joining in the team has elevated the starting pitching staff to a fairly modest level.

The four starters made up of Ryu Hyun-jin and Moon Dong-ju, two foreigners, Ricardo Sanchez and Felix Peña, are not lagging behind any other team.

Choi also expressed high expectations. “My goal this season was to advance to the postseason, but I was worried about it,” Choi said. “However, joining the Okinawa camp has enabled me to pursue my goal with higher confidence.”

The rise in Hanwha’s power is not just due to the joining of Ryu Hyun-jin. With the addition of Chae Eun-seong and An Chi-hong, who were recruited as FA players over the past two years, the batting lineup has solidified, and last year’s rookie of the year Moon Dong-ju is waiting for his third season without an inning limit.

As the player’s depth improves, Choi also has room to play for the starting pitcher until the end. Except for one starting pitcher and foreign player Jonathan Peraza, Choi is the remaining outfielder position.

Manager Choi said, “The fifth starter sees four candidates, Kim Min-woo, Lee Tae-yang, Kim Ki-joong and Hwang Joon-seo,” adding, “Kim Min-woo is difficult to use as a bullpen pitcher, so if he is in good condition, he will use it as a starter.”

“Lee Tae-yang, Kim Ki-joong, and Hwang Joon-seo can also be used as bullpen pitchers,” he said, adding, “We need to see Kim Min-woo’s condition first, but we don’t know how the situation will change, so we will make the final decision while playing about three innings in the exhibition game.”

Second baseman Jung Eun-won, who has received a golden glove, will compete for the outfielder position this year. This is because second-year rookie Moon Hyun-bin has been selected as the main second baseman.

“Both Jung Eun-won and Moon Hyun-bin are in good condition in hitting, but Moon Hyun-bin’s evaluation is better defensively, so I think they are the main second basemen,” Choi said. “An Chi-hong and Chae Eun-sung will play as designated hitters and first basemen because they have expectations for their offense.”

He added, “I’m thinking of Jung Eun-won, Choi In-ho, Lee Jin-young, and Kim Tae-yeon in two seats (excluding Peraza).”

Kim Seo-hyun, a second-year pitcher who had high expectations last year, is also said to have improved his control this year.

“My ball control has improved since the end of last year’s closing camp, and I have continued to spring camp,” Choi said. “My ball control was very good and I have high expectations. I will give him a chance in a comfortable situation in the beginning.”

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