PAGCOR continues fight against crime, decertifies Sun Valley Clark Pogo hub

The Philippine Entertainment Game Company (PAGCOR) continues to ban offshore gaming clubs to establish safety and security in the Philippines. After revoking its gaming license for CGC Technologies last week, PAGCOR decided to revoke the provisional approval of Sun Valley Clark, another offshore gaming hub in Clark Freeport.


Commenting on this, Pagco’s chairman and CEO Alejandro Tengco said Sun Valley was not a suitable candidate to issue full certification in the Philippines. In addition, Sun Valley’s provisional certification will be revoked. Tengco said that behind the decision was the company’s failure to follow the country’s laws and regulations related to overseas games.

An interagency search was carried out on May 4, followed by rescue operations. The search is closely related to the recent CGC case, as six buildings inside the hub had companies and PAGCOR only approved two of them.

Sun Valley was suspected of various criminal acts, including fraud related to cryptocurrency investment, illegal detention, and activities related to human trafficking.

As stated by PAGCOR, the hub is where various overseas game operators and service providers are specified and includes services such as operations, logistics, administration, and support. Among other things, the hub accommodates a wide range of food options, supermarkets and grocery stores, health, well-being, and recreational facilities, as well as offices and residential spaces.

PAGCOR has the following issues:

Tengco is concerned about other offshore companies with operations in the Philippines. He warned them not to engage in any kind of criminal activity if they want to keep their licenses. He said, “This serves to warn all our offshore game licensees and authorized service providers that PAGCOR is serious about its mission to maintain responsible and regulated gaming in the Philippines. While we see the potential of offshore gaming in terms of our revenue-generating efforts, we do not allow them to engage in criminal activity that violates the rights of not only the Philippines but also other nationalities.”

One of Tengko’s concerns is for ordinary people who accept to work for various overseas companies in the country. He wants foreigners to be more careful when choosing jobs to minimize the risk of human trafficking.

He added, “PAGCOR would like to remind foreigners who are offered attractive employment opportunities in the Philippines to check the reliability of the companies they support. By making additional efforts, they can protect themselves from possible fraud and human trafficking activities.”

PAGCOR, along with the President’s Office, the National Bureau of Investigation, the Justice Department, the Immigration Bureau, the Interior Ministry and local governments, the Philippine Police and other agencies, will continue to fight crime in the Philippines and hopes the Philippines will be a safe and secure country for all residents, workers and tourists.

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