Veteran Lee Jungmin’s secret to long run

Lee Jung-min, a veteran” in his 15th year of the KLPGA Tour, made his 11th career win at the “major competition.”

At the final round of the KLPGA Championship, the first major tournament of the season on the KLPGA tour held in Lakewood, Yangju, Gyeonggi Province on Friday, Lee combined seven birdies and one bogey to score 6-under 66. Lee, who recorded 23-under 265 overall, lifted the trophy.

After the match, Lee said, “I didn’t see the leaderboard until the end. That’s why I didn’t know the difference in score. When I made a putt on the green at the last hole, I thought that I won the title,” adding, “I’m more happy because I did well, not because others didn’t do well.”

She won her first major championship in the KLPGA Championship, which boasts the longest history since its establishment in 1978. “Honestly, I thought major competitions and general competitions were all the same,” Lee said. “I didn’t think I should do better because it was a major competition. But I feel great to win the title.”

At this year’s event, Lee displayed peak shot sense. At the third round, he had a hole-in-one and received a Mercedes-Benz car, reducing the number of pars by a whopping 10. He only had three bogeys during the four days. Lee recorded 23-under 265 pars, the lowest ever recorded at 72 holes in the history of the KLPGA tour.

“Since last week, my shots have been gradually getting better. I had a hard time playing because I couldn’t feel my own way before,” Lee said. “These days, pin levels are also soft. If you can’t control the distance or direction, it’s not easy to hit. But I got a good shot sense in this competition,” Lee said.

In the third round the previous day, I was worried because I reduced the number of pars by a whopping 10.” It is not easy to continue a good trend for two consecutive days. “I was worried because I hit so well yesterday. When I told my fellow professional about such worries, he said I looked like I had a lot of thoughts. I told him not to even think about it. I came to my senses after hearing this.”

Lee Jung-min made his KLPGA tour debut in 2010. He is already in his 15th season this year. He has played in 324 competitions, recording 11 wins in his personal career. The number of times he was ranked in top 10 for the second place amounts to 76 times.

The Dong-A Ilbo asked Lee the secret to having a long run during the tour. “I put my physical strength first,” Lee said. “I work out with my trainer every time I play. To be competitive until the last hole, I think physical strength is more important than shot quality. I walk flat as much as I can during competitions as I can due to my physical strength.”

In the final round on the day, Lee reduced his pars by six in the first half alone. He played aggressively considering his physical stamina, which was effective. “The plan was to make as many birdies as possible in the second half to earn more pars, which is great,” Lee said.

Lee Jung-min, born in 1992, is one of the few players in his 30s in the KLPGA tour. “I have never set a goal to beat others. I want to grow myself further,” Lee said. “I have no intention of winning more championships. My goal is to make sure that I am satisfied with myself.”

At the same time, Lee Jung-min said, “I will take better care of my body, including my physical strength,” but vowed, “I will continue my career until I can’t play the shots I want.”

BY: 스포츠토토

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