Yomiuri joins the club for finishing the fastball

Finally, he hit 160km/h and struck out three consecutive swings and misses

The speed is 150 kilometers per hour, which pitchers have long aspired to achieve. Although the speed limit is still the standard for fastballs, it started to become a relatively common speed at some point. Now, the public must throw about 160 kilometers per hour to attract attention. This is an era of speed change.

“I longed for a pitcher who threw at speeds of 160 kilometers per hour,” Yomiuri Giants closer Daisei Ota (24) said. Fastballing is the main weapon of a pitcher who is in his 20s.

At 165km/h, just two people took this figure.

Last year, right-hander Shunpeita Yamashita (aged 22) of the Orix Buffaloes reached a maximum speed of 160 kilometers per hour. Shintaro Fujinami (aged 30, New York Mets), who moved to Major League Baseball, also throws a fastball of 160 kilometers per hour.

According to the results confirmed on 토토사이트, the speed of 165 kilometers per hour is the highest among Japanese pitchers. Only two pitchers took this picture. Shohei Ohtani (30) threw first when he was playing for the Nippon Ham Fighters. Last year, “Monster pitcher” Roki Sasaki (Chiba Lotte Marines) tied with Ohtani.

Daisei (registered name) has finally joined the ranks of pitchers who throw 160 kilometers per hour. He achieved his dream record in an away game against the Chunichi Dragons held at Nagoya Dome on Sunday.

In the bottom of the ninth inning with a 2-0 lead, the cause of the mound was announced. Starting pitcher Tomoyuki Sugano pitched seven scoreless innings, and Kota Nakagawa pitched one scoreless inning and pitched the mound.

Blocked 16 pitches perfectly and kept the 2-0 team win.

First batter No. 9 Goki Otta. He threw four fastballs with speeds of 157 to 159 kilometers per hour in a row. Three to four pitches were followed by fouls. Otta’s bat hit the air on a forkball with a ball count of 1B2S. A forkball with a speed of 149 kilometers per hour fell to the lower course of his body.

The next batter, Hironori Miyoshi. The game went to the seventh pitch. At the sixth pitch, his outward fastball hit 160 kilometers. Foul. He garnered a fork ball at 146 kilometers per hour from the full count. He struck out swinging and swinging.

Then, his first fastball to No. 2 Mikiya Tanaka hit 160 kilometers. He poked in the middle of the strike zone. A similar scene was reenacted. At 1B2S, he threw a fork ball at 148 kilometers per hour, striking out Tanaka with a swing and miss.

All three batters overwhelmed with fastballs and finished with a forkball.

He struck out three and gave no runs against three batters in one inning. He blocked 16 pitches perfectly and maintained a 2-0 team win.

He made his first save in two games this season.

Daisei pitched in his first game in the ninth inning of the opening game against the Hanshin Tigers on March 29, and recorded three strikeouts and no run in an inning. He took the mound while trailing. He hit a maximum of 158 kilometers at the time.

Both of the 160km/h fastballs were fouls on the day. Daisei said his goal is to create a swing and miss.

The Yomiuri Giants had been on a three-game losing streak since the match against Hanshin Tigers on March 31. In the top of the third inning, Maru Yoshihiro hit an infield grounder to third base with one out. No. 4 Okamoto Kazuma hit a timely double to the left field with two outs and third base to score an extra point.

Daisei graduated from Kansai International University and joined the team as the top draft pick in 2022. He was the best player since his first year as a professional player. He played 57 games and recorded one win, three losses, eight holds 37 saves and an ERA of 2.05. He became a starting pitcher during his debut season. In the same year, he became the Rookie of the Year in the Central League.

He played for Japan and tasted the championship.

In March last year, he represented Japan at the WBC (World Baseball Classic) and won the title. He pitched in four games and pitched four scoreless innings. During the regular season, he slowed down due to poor physical condition and injury. He played in only 27 games. He had three wins, one hold, 14 saves and an ERA of 4.50.

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