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Hwang Hee-chan shakes off Son Heung-min’s training uniform “Do you guys want it?”

An unscheduled ‘Son Heung-min training uniform’ was prepared during the prize draw.

Son Heung-min with a bright expression

“Everyone! Do you want a Son Heung-min t-shirt?”

At the words of ‘Bull’ Hwang Hee-chan (Wolverhampton), ‘Captain’ Son Heung-min (Tottenham) took off his training uniform twice without resistance and presented it to the fans, creating an interesting scene.

On the 8th, at Goyang Sports Complex, the national soccer team ‘Taegeuk Warriors’, who are preparing for the final Group C match of the 2026 North and Central America World Cup Asia Region 2nd qualifying round group match against China scheduled for the 11th, held a ‘Powerade Open Training Day’ with 300 fans watching. I took it.

The national team players, who returned home on the morning of the 7th after finishing the 5th game away against Singapore on the 6th, rested for a while and then held their first training in preparation for the game against China at Goyang Stadium that day in open training with fans.

In the hour-long open training, the 11 players who started against Singapore began to relieve fatigue through weight training, while the remaining players began to control their condition by playing their own mini games.

After the open training, the Taegeuk Warriors greeted the 300 fans gathered in the stands next to the ground and expressed their gratitude for their support.

At the souvenir giving event organized by the Korea Football Association, the national team players took turns picking prize numbers and handing out gifts, and had a friendly time responding to fans’ requests for autographs and selfies as they entered the locker room.

Soon, as the prize drawing time was coming to an end, Son Heung-min and Hwang Hee-chan prepared a fun event for the last remaining fans.

When Hwang Hee-chan grabbed the microphone and provocatively shouted to the fans, “Do you want Son Heung-min’s training uniform?”, the fans responded with loud cheers.

When Hwang Hee-chan encouraged him to give away his training uniform, which was not planned, Son Heung-min seemed embarrassed and hesitated, but as the fans’ cheers grew louder, he eventually took off his training uniform, signed it, and gave it away as a prize.

Hwang Hee-chan’s provocation(?) did not end here. Hwang Hee-chan grabbed the microphone again and shouted, “Do you want a Son Heung-min t-shirt?”, and eventually Son Heung-min even took off the t-shirt he was wearing under his training uniform and gave it as a prize.

After showing a satisfied expression, Hwang Hee-chan performed a final fan service by signing an autograph on a beach towel he had and giving it away as a prize, and returned to his lodgings. 고스톱

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