Nova Scotia Man Wins Biggest Instant Winner Award

Most recently, a Nova Scotia man has become part of history because he is the biggest instant winner on alc.ca , the Atlantic Lottery Company said. The lucky winner’s name is Timothy Lewis, who lives in Kentville, New South Wales and usually plays Lotto Max and Lotto 6/49, and decided to try a set for life.

Set for Life is a Scratch’N game offered by ALC to local residents and is available online at retail stores or on the official platform alc.ca . And if the player wins the top prize, he or she can choose between receiving C$1,000 per week for the next 25 years or immediately receiving C$675,000.

The winner, Mr. Lewis, shared how he succeeded in a historic instant win windfall. A Kentville local said he was sitting in a recliner after purchasing Lotto Max tickets online and had some money left on his alc.ca account. That’s why he decided to try another title and bought tickets for the instant winning game set for life.

On his first ticket, a Nova Scotia local won four Canadian dollars, so he decided to get one more. On his second ticket, he received eight Canadian dollars and continued to play games. After buying another ticket, his phone received an alert that won the Set for Life top prize. He immediately contacted his wife, Jennifer, to show her the notification and share the surprising news.

He said his wife was skeptical about winning the major at first and even thought it was a scam. But Mr. Lewis received an email from the Crown Company with the ALC logo on it, and at last his emotions began to subside. He’s very happy with a life-changing victory and most of the responses he’s received have been asking him if it’s actually real.

Now, with the money, the winners plan to use some of them to cover their loans and plan for an earlier retirement. In addition, they also plan to treat themselves with new SUVs. And their children who wanted new iPhones and cars will eventually get their wishes. Mr. Lewis bought the ticket online at alc.ca .

The Atlantic Lottery Company is a state-run organization that operates and oversees regulated gambling and lottery options for the Atlantic region. The Crown Company is offering a fun but responsible gaming product, and recently received another RG check certification. In this category, it is considered the most comprehensive game certification program in the world.

ALC is always working to improve content and provide diversity to many players. On July 11, 2022, Crown launched the Summer Days contest, a holiday-themed promotion that presents numerous season-themed items and generous prize money. Players will have time to register their entries for many awards until September 5, 2

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