PitchCom will be introduced to the KBO from July.

PitchCom, an autograph exchange system introduced by the Major League Baseball (MLB) in 2022 to prevent autograph theft, will be introduced to the Korean Baseball Organization (KBO) from July.

PitchCom is a device that enables catchers to exchange autographs with pitchers by pressing a button on an electronic device and delivering the autograph to the pitcher through a speaker. In addition to pitches, it can also deliver courses at once. Catchers attach the pitchcom to their arm or knee and press a button to receive an audible sign from a device attached to the pitcher’s hat. In the MLB, starting in 2023, pitchers will also be able to sign to catchers, allowing them to take the lead.

Pitchcom eliminates the need for catchers to sign to pitchers with their fingers and expose them to the opposing team (second base runners or dugout coaches), and reduces the amount of time the catcher-pitcher exchange takes.

In particular, the PitchCom was deemed necessary for the “pitch clock” system, which was introduced this season and will be fully implemented in 2025. 안전놀이터 추천 The pitch clock is a system that imposes time limits on pitching and batting preparation to shorten the length of games. Pitchers must pitch within 18 seconds with no runners on base and 23 seconds with runners on base, and batters must be ready to bat eight seconds before the end of the pitch clock.

The pitch clock rule was planned to be implemented in late 2024,

With a trial run scheduled, but many argued that PitchCom should be implemented first, and in recognition of this, the pitch clock was pushed back to 2025. Ryu Hyun-jin (37-Korea Eagles), who experienced the pitch clock first in MLB, said in March, “It doesn’t matter when there are no runners on base, but when there are runners on base, the signing is bound to be longer. I think it would be hard without the pitch clock. I think I’ll be able to keep my pitches on time if I have a pitch-com.”

At the time, the KBO (Korean Baseball Organization) explained, “We are introducing PitchCom, but it takes more than two months to go through the domestic radio certification process,” but it took about two months longer than originally expected. “There is no company in Korea that sells Pitchcom products, only one in the United States,” said a KBO official, adding, “We had to go through the radio wave certification process when importing, which delayed the introduction a bit.”

The KBO is importing 21 sets of pitchcams (10 sets for the first team and 11 sets for the second team) from the United States on loan. Each set consists of three transmitters for catchers and nine receivers for pitchers and fielders. 카지노사이트 The annual fee is reportedly more than $30,000 (about 41 million won) per set. “We will be able to use Pitchcom in practice around the second week of July,” said a KBO official, adding, “Since it is being introduced during the season, the rental fee for Pitchcom is expected to be around $20,000 per set.”

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