Coupang’s subcontractors caught employing over 40,000 uninsured workers

Coupang's delivery vehicles are parked at a parking lot in Seoul, June 13. Yonhap

Over 40,000 workers at 90 delivery subcontractors of Coupang have not been provided with employment insurance and industrial accident insurance, which are considered major social security nets offered to laborers, according to the Korea Workers’ Compensation and Welfare Service (K-COMWEL), Wednesday.

K-COMWEL, which is under the direct control of the Ministry of Employment and Labor, announced the findings of an investigation into 528 delivery subcontractors and 11 logistics subcontractors that signed contracts with Coupang Logistics Service, the subsidiary of the Korean e-commerce giant.

The investigation was carried out from Dec. 20 to May 30 and looked into cases for the past three years.

K-COMWEL said it discovered 90 delivery subcontractors had failed to offer proper social insurance services to a total of 40,948 workers. 토토 Among them, 20,080 workers were not provided with employment insurance, while 20,868 workers were not offered industrial accident insurance.

Given that there is a significant overlap between laborers covered by employment insurance and industrial accident insurance, the number of workers affected by the insurance provision failure of Coupang’s subcontractors was approximately 20,000.

Korean laws oblige all workplaces, which have even one employee including temporary and part-time workers, to offer the social insurance within 14 days since the worker has been employed.

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