Over 69% of Quebec Residents Gambled in 2022

According to a study by Statistics Canada, the gambling industry in Canada has developed significantly over the past few years, and Quebecers are increasingly favoring gaming. 릴게임사이트 According to the survey, 69.1% of Quebecers indulged in gambling activities at least once last year. It is safe to assume that a similar proportion may apply to residents of Montreal.

A study by Statistics Canada found that a significant amount of Canadians or 64.5% over the age of 15 admitted to gambling in the past year. Estimates suggest the number will reach about 18.9 million. This is not surprising because there are currently many gambling options for everyone, including playing on mobile devices.

According to the latest data, the number of male and female gamblers is nearly equal, and men are slightly more active, at 56 percent. Also, most gamblers belong to the 30-50-year-old population, and they come from wealthy families. Meanwhile, older gamblers prefer classical things like bingo and sports betting, while younger gamblers quite like slots.

Canada ranks eighth in the world in gambling spending as residents spend more than C$4 billion on online sports betting. Quebecers and Montreal bettors are no different because they are interested in sports betting. Quebecers, like most Canadians, are likely to follow the sport and bet on hockey, basketball, football, or e-sports.

It should also be noted that the percentage of Montreal residents accessing online gambling options is close to the national average and the local average. This is because online gambling sites are abundant these days. In addition, with slots being the most popular i-casino preference, men are still more likely to gamble through online casino platforms than women.

In addition, Montreal locals are not far from the number of Canadians who are gambling, and their gambling needs are easily satisfied due to the increased opportunity to choose online and in-person gambling. Overall, men prefer gambling to women and choose sports betting games such as hockey, basketball, and soccer, while niche sports such as motor racing and e-sports are also gaining popularity.

After the gambling industry has grown significantly in the Great White North over the past few years, a growing number of addiction experts are concerned that the availability of sports betting could be detrimental. David Hodgins, a professor of clinical psychology at the University of Calgary, said its availability and ability to bet on almost anything has evolved in a very similar way to slot machines.

Canadians are also not impressed by the overflowing gambling ads. Recently, polling and social listening data company IPSIS released a survey showing 48% of Canadians agree gambling ads are out of control.

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