Ji Dong-won is ready for the Pohang match

“You don’t know soccer until you play it. I hope coach Kim Eun-joong is smiling.”

After scoring his first goal since joining Suwon FC, Ji Dong-won is ready for the Pohang match. Suwon FC will face the Pohang Steelers in the fifth round of the Hana Bank K League 1 2024 at 7:30 p.m. on Feb. 2 at Pohang Steel Yard.

Ji Dong-won was substituted for Kang Sang-yoon in the 17th minute of the second half of the 0-3 home loss to Gimcheon Commerce on Sept. 29. He teamed up with Jung Jae-min, who was introduced at the start of the second half, to attack the goal. In the 43rd minute, Andersson’s clothesline-like long cross was met by Ji Dong-won. The high header was sucked into the Gimcheon net. It was Ji’s first goal since joining the club and Andersson’s first assist for the talented winger. After going unbeaten in their opening three matches (1 win, 2 draws), ‘Sharpball’ Suwon recorded 13 shots on the day, seven on target, but suffered their first loss of the season with a 1-4 scoreline.

However, Ji Dong-won’s header against Daegu was a bright spot after Jung Jae-min’s theater debut goal against Daegu.

Coach Kim Eun-joong said, “It was Ji Dong-won’s first goal since his transfer. After scoring a goal at FC Seoul at the end of last year, he came to Suwon and scored his first goal.” “The goals of Jung Jae-min and Ji Dong-won will inspire other strikers. If the strikers keep scoring like this, it will lead to good results.”

Ji Dong-won said, “I didn’t really see how the goal went in. I felt it went in after the header. I thought it was a goal because the fans were cheering,” he said, 안전놀이터 추천 reflecting on the moment of his first goal. “It doesn’t matter if we lost 0-3 or 0-4, it’s more important that we scored a goal together as a team. It’s a goal that gives you confidence for the next game,” he said.

Andersson, a foreign player that Suwon has come to rely on, also picked up his first assist. Ji said, “The trajectory was so good. The trajectory was really good,” he said. “When Andersson gets the ball, he’s comfortable. I know he’s not going to lose the ball. That allows us to be more aggressive. He’s a really important part of the team, and he’s very reliable.” “We were disappointed with the attacking points, but this will give us the confidence to do better in the future,” he added. “I hope that the first point will inspire Andersson to play even more.

The team was losing, so he couldn’t do a proper ceremony after the first goal, but he gave a quick wave to the crowd.

He turned to his wife in the stands and his 7-year-old son, Suho, who was more than happy to celebrate his dad’s goal. Asked what his first goal in Suwon meant to him, Ji replied, “I’m grateful.” “I feel like Suwon FC is rewarding me for the time I spent last year and the year before, when I didn’t play much. I feel respected as a player, which makes me work harder and take more responsibility. I am very grateful to the coach, the club, and the fans,” he said.

Speaking about the leadership of ‘Sharpball’ Kim Eun-joong, who respects the veteran players, Ji Dong-won said, “He really respects the players, so we have to do better. We want him to smile and we all want him to do well in his first season,” he said. “I really like the way our offense is playing up top. Now we just need to focus a little bit more and get some more goals and we’ll be stronger,” he said. “We had a couple of chances today, so it’s a combination of luck and skill, but I think we’ll get better with each goal,” he added.

After the first loss after three unbeaten matches,

Ji Dong-won vowed to “forget about it as soon as possible and focus on the next match as we have Pohang and Ulsan coming up.” In the fourth round, Pohang scored two late stoppage-time theater goals against Jeju to take all three points. “It will be a time to test us,” Ji-dong-won said ahead of the trip to Pohang. “Pohang and Ulsan are strong teams. It’s just a matter of how much we can show against them,” he said. “It will also be a good opportunity to check our ‘squad depth’ as we won’t be able to play the same players every game due to the midweek games.”

When asked if Pohang and Ulsan were outclassed in terms of objective strength, Ji was honest. “If you look at the players, we are not behind. The manager and coaches have prepared very well, and the players are also preparing well. You don’t know soccer until you play it. Against Pohang, we will prepare well and give it a good try,” he said, his eyes shining.

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