A diligent player plays for OH

“I think it’s sincere and efficient.”

The foreign player who will be with Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance in the upcoming season is Slovenian striker Mattei Kok (registered name Mattei), who is familiar to Korean fans as well.

Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance won the sixth overall pick in the 2024 Korea Volleyball Federation (KOVO) Men’s Foreign Player Draft held at Dubai Science Park in Dubai, United Arab Emirates on the 11th.

Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance, which ranked sixth as the number of marbles was distributed in the reverse order of last season’s performance, had the second highest number of marbles after KB Insurance, which was the lowest. Since KB Insurance signed with Andres Villena (registered name Villena), the probability was actually the highest.
However, the first place went to Korean Air, which had the least probability, and the second place went to Hyundai Capital. Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance did not come out until the fifth place, and Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance did not come out until the sixth place.

Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance named Matei after much thought. Matei played for Woori Card last season. He played in 26 games and recorded a 51.17% attack success rate. However, he had to leave his team in the second half of the season due to an unexpected injury. He has scoring ability to post 49 points in a game.

Coach Kim Sang-woo said, “We selected proven players in our turn. I thought they were very sincere and efficient. I think we need to work together.”

Regarding the reason for calling time just before the nomination, he said, “It wasn’t anything else, the injury was the key. However, we have enough time to recover, and we have that much facilities. (Matei’s injury) was not a big problem, so I thought it was okay.”
Mattei played as an apogit spiker for Woori Card, but he can also play the outside heater position. However, since he has rarely received a reception in the V-League, his homework is to adapt.

Coach Kim Sang-woo said, “Matei’s serve is also highly efficient. Not only exceptional players are important, but also combinations are important. I am satisfied with the height enhancement. If Mattei plays a role as an outside heater, he will be able to combine with Ali Fazli in the Asian quarter if he plays a role in defense. I think I need to adapt to the outside heater. I think I will come in a different color.”

Mattei said, “I didn’t have high expectations because there were many players who were trying to renew the contract. After the renewal announcement, I was a little confused and thought I would have a chance. I am glad to play in a well-established V-League. In particular, I am happy to play for Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance, which has a long tradition.”

Regarding his physical condition, he said, “I am steadily rehabilitating. I need a little more time. I am strengthening the muscles around the injured area,” adding, “I have continued to have a strong relationship with our card colleagues and I still have a good relationship. If I declare war, I want to say this all the time, but the team that does better will win.”

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